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Exotic Indian Beds & Bedroom Furniture

Want to know how to create a stunning eastern inspired bedroom? By using Indian beds and bedroom furniture, interesting and unusual accessories from around the world and the right colour palette – you can create the bedroom of your dreams….

1. Finding The Right Furniture

Looking for unusual Indian furniture? At Natural Bed Company we offer a range of beds designed by our director Peter and carved exclusively for us by a Bishnoi family in India.

The Kutch is a dramatic four-poster Indian bed (see below), this is the perfect choice if you want to make a real statement! The bold design, traditional detailing to the posts and the geometric carved pattern are softened by the fabric canopy decorated with tiny sheesa mirrors.

Indian duvet cover on Kutch Indian four-poster bed

The geometric carved design can be found on the Kandahar and Khyber beds too. These beds have Indian detailing, but are simpler more modern designs. If you wish to combine an Indian ‘flavour’ with a modern western home these beds are a good choice. Take a look at our Exotic Beds & Bedroom Furniture pinterest board for ideas and inspiration. You will see here that there is a wide variety of styles, from pared down with a dramatic single piece as the focus for the room, to bright, highly decorative themes.

If you are looking for a contemporary bed inspired by this look – try the Senegal bed (see below). This contemporary four poster will work with a variety of looks. The image below shows a simple, refined look with a just subtle touch of the exotic….

Senegal bed in walnut

2. Dressing The Room

Using a few authentic Indian or African accessories can add a richness to your scheme – see the beautiful carved Buddha head in the picture above. A carved or inlaid mirror frame, or blanket box may be all you need. Or if you want to use accessories to add a splash of colour try a brightly painted jewellery box or colourful blanket. Take a look at Bringing It All Back Home for unusual decorative accessories from India, Africa and the Far East.

Kandahar Indian Bed

Above you can see an image of the Kandahar bed dressed in a traditional style, with an embroidered Indian bedspread and highly decorative accessories, in a simple contemporary room. It is entirely at your discretion as to how far to take this look. The stylist here could have taken this room set further with warm coloured walls, traditional rugs and hanging lanterns. Alternatively simple white bedding and fewer accessories would give a more modern ‘minimalist’ interpretation, while retaining a sense of romantic travels far and wide!

3. Attention to Detail

This can make or break a scheme! Whether it’s the addition of a tile/mosaic floor, authentic Indian or Moroccan lanterns or a beautifully carved headboard – this attention to detail will take this look from ‘theme’ to ‘scheme’. This look works best when it is a reflection of your interests, travels and passions, and for this to convince some authenticity is required. If you haven’t been able to wander the bazaars of India (no, me neither!) specialist retailers can be the answer – just find a piece you love and use it as the basis for your design.

Indian accessories

4. Using Texture

Layering textures with your choice of bedding is a good way to add depth and richness to your scheme. Use soft cotton bedding, with Indian bedspreads and quilts and finishing the look with a loosely knitted or woven throw.

Texture can also be added with hammered metal-ware (lanterns and candle holders, or a hammered iron water jug) or rough pottery. Carved or embellished mirror frames, side tables and lamp bases will also add interest.

Indian bedding - zari quilt

5. Choosing Your Colour Scheme

As you can see from our Exotic Beds & Bedroom Furniture pinterest board simple white walls and richly wooden furniture can be all you need, but if you want to use colour – this is a very accommodating style! Deep, rich tones of terracotta, gold and purple are often associated with this style (see the Kalamkari duvet cover below).

Indian bedding - gold, terracotta and purple

However try a shot of a bright, jewel colour (aquamarine, jade or emerald green) and you will find these shades can work just as well! Take a look at our Ethnic Interior Design pinterest board for lots of inspiring images. here you will see that the brave decorate an entire room with bold colour with stunning results, but a single bright coloured wall or alcove in a white room is a good way to start.

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