Looking for a modern platform bed? At Natural Bed Company we offer a range of minimalist, modern platform beds in solid timber. These beds can form the basis for a variety of modern schemes. Here we’ll take you through the collection and suggest the looks that work well with them:

The Oregon Platform Bed

This is a show-stopper platform bed – not the bed to choose if you need a bed with a small foot-print! However it is perfect if you want a lot of impact, and remember with this bed you don’t need to have a room with a high ceiling, so loft spaces are ideal.

The wide timber frame and angular design of the Oregon Platform Bed result in an ultra modern look. This bed can look very ‘New York Loft’  in style, but can also be used effectively in an ‘Oriental Style’ scheme. The choice of timber and the style of bedding will make all the difference….

For a contemporary ‘New York Loft’ look choose oak, cherry or walnut – timbers with rich colour and an interesting grain. The ideal scheme would incorporate a bare brick wall, industrial looking lighting, wood or polished concrete floors and plain cotton or linen bedding. It’s a contemporary, slightly masculine look. The look can be softened though with wool throws, textured rugs and voile curtains.

For an modern eastern look take a look at the Oregon platform bed in maple (shown above) – this subtle blonde wood with a delicate grain works well as the basis for calm, simple look. Here the hi-contrast cream and black bedding adds to the modern look. Team this bed with a light colour scheme and blonde wood accessories, paper lanterns and simple bedding for a restful look, paint a feature wall a strong colour (black or dark red) for a bold version of this look.

The Kulu Bed

The Kulu bed photographed above is in solid ash – teamed with soft, floral bedding for a softer, contemporary look. This look works well with white walls with a feature wall in natural stone or bare brick. A modern take on subtle bohemian style, the Indian mirrors and crafts give the bedroom a relaxed feel.

The Kulu can also work with a very different look – ‘Urban Luxe’. Use a walnut Kulu with simple dark cotton or linen bedding. The colour scheme is in deep grey, inky blue or espresso. For added drama select a few luxurious accessories: a woven leather rug, simple elegant ceramic vases in chalky tones, an Arco lamp or Tolomeo bedside lights. Walnut low cube tables complete this look.

Koo bed

The Koo platform bed is very much like the Kulu, but with a headboard panel painted a colour of your choice! The coloured headboard is paired with a frame in solid oak or solid walnut.

The solid oak frame and Farrow & Ball Downpipe Grey shown above is a sophisticated, classic look. But feel free to have fun with this model! A headboard in a bright colour – burnt orange with a walnut base, or powder blue and oak – hints at a retro ‘Orlah Kiely inspired’ colour scheme and would work well with a feature wall in her wallpaper! Team with modern white bedding and a duvet or throw that co-ordinates with the headboard colour.

The Kyoto, Kumo & Kobe Bed Collection

The Kyoto, Kumo and Kobe low platform beds are perfect for a ‘Japanese style’ room. These beds are available with or without a headboard and in a range of timbers and finishes.

The solid oak Kyoto bed (shown above without a headboard) retains a pared-down look with layers of simple bedding. The pattern and soft blue palette keeps the look relaxed and warm.

The Kumo platform bed (shown with a headboard and side tables) in solid pine with a dark wenge finish as shown above is a crisp, modern take on this look. The neutral bedding will work with many styles, bedding in deep jewel colours will add drama. Take a look at our Japanese Style pinterest board for more inspiration.

The New Ki Bed

The Ki low loft bed is so flexible – the apparent simplicity of the design enables it to work with a wide range of looks. It is low, without a headboard panel, but with a chunky/solid feel to it. With this in mind a rustic loft look is a great choice: soft cotton or linen bedding in in washed out colours, loosely knitted wool throws and a muted colour scheme suit this style. Pair with a cow hide rug and industrial style lighting.

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