Are you looking for inspiration before you update your son or daughter’s bedroom? Here we’ve put together a few tips and suggestions for creating a stylish bedroom for your child…

Donna Wilson knitted mountain scene cushion in black and white

1. Stylish Décor –  Long gone are the days of pastel pink for a girl and blue for a boy. From pure white to bold brights – the world is your oyster! If you want a scheme that will stand the test of time, and your child’s changes in taste, pick a broadly neutral scheme and accent with a colour of their choice. A cool white bedroom with a single wall in bright blue or orange will look fresh and age appropriate for years. Just accessorise to suit!
A wall painted with black-board pain is a great way to unleash your kid’s creativity! It’s also easy to wipe clean, ready for the next art project, to-do list or calendar!

Great for a Small attic bedroom our low wooden bed the Ki platform bed is also good for futon mattresses

2. Furnishing your kid’s bedrooms – at Natural Bed Company we used to make children’s size beds (we still can – just ask us), but increasingly parents order full length beds for their kids. This is a great idea, the bed should last for years (a Natural Bed Company bed comes with a 12 year warranty!) and you don’t want to have to buy a new bed with every growth spurt! A full length single bed is flexible – it can go from your child’s bed to a spare bedroom, or you can purchase a another matching single bed to create a king-size or super-king size twin bed for the master bedroom. (NB the standard length of a single is 190cm, the standard length of a king-size is 200cm. If you think you may want to get two singles to use as a king-size bed in the future, let us know – we can make your single beds a little longer. Make sure you select a design where the mattress is the same width as the bed, like our Nevada or Sahara beds. That way when you push the beds together there won’t be a gap between the two mattresses.)

3. Size matters – it’s a good idea to select a low bed for your child. It will be easy for them to get in and out of, but still look stylish as they get older. Select the right size for your child and their room. If it’s a tight space and your really need to maximise every bit of storage space, make sure your bed is tall enough to accommodate under-bed drawers (a great storage space for tidying away  toys and games). Take a look at the Kyoto or Sahara beds – they are low, but still take under-bed drawers.

Made in Sheffield our Cube bedside tables come in 3 heights and a choice of woods.
Cube Table

4. Personalise the space – You can order many of the beds from Natural Bed Company without a headboard – this will allow you to create a headboard or canopy as your child desires…
A painted square on the wall behind their bed can be a space for their artwork. Have a budding astronaut in your family? You can paint a huge rocket on the wall above the bed! If you aren’t feeling quite so creative – you can buy a wide range of wall decals in many designs. A light fabric canopy can be suspended from the ceiling, add some fairy lights for sparkle.
Just remember – select a general scheme you can live with for years, but personalise easily and inexpensively as your child gets older. Select quality furniture that will last and is flexible enough to be used in different rooms/for different ages.

Take a look at more design and décor ideas on our pinterest board.

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  1. Do you happen to make trundle beds? My grand-daughter lives sometimes with my son and often likes to have friends to stay. She is 12 and may have her own ideas but I like the look of your designs and would like to find one for her.

    1. Dear Dian,

      Although we do not range trundle beds as standard, we have made trundles to fit under our beds in the past. If you could email the details of the design you are interested in to [email protected] we can look into the possibility of making a trundle for you.

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