1. Access
It’s always important to think about the space you have available when buying a bed – and I don’t just mean the size of your bedroom! You may well have a huge attic bedroom, but the type of bed you can accommodate will be limited by the size of the staircase to attic…
Natural Bed Company beds are all self-assembly, the parts packed in to a couple of boxes, which generally ensures that access isn’t an issue. However it’s always a good idea to check and we can always provide you with the sizes of the boxed bed sections so you can be confident that your new bed will reach your bedroom!

A side view of our solid wood Kyoto bed in Oak and with an optional Headboard. low beds Available in a range of bed sizes.

2. Care & Maintenance
A new bed is a big investment and an item that you will probably keep for many years (a Natural Bed Company bed comes with a 12 year warranty, so we are expecting you to keep it quite a while!) so you want to feel confident that you have chosen an appropriate model for your long-term needs. The joy of a solid wood bed is that it can recover from knocks and bumps with a little TLC. The timber can be sanded back and re-lacquered to remove or diminish scratches. At Natural Bed Company replacement parts can be purchased should more serious damage occur or items go missing during a move.
Think about the finish you require, a sanded finish allows you to wax or paint the bed if you like, but a clear lacquer will help guard against marking. A stain colour can result in a stunning look, but may require a little more care. If you do need to touch up marks on a wood stain finished bed from Natural Bed – do get in touch, we’ll do our best to help supply a small quantity of wood stain.

Good ventilation is important for prolonging the life of your mattress and slat base.
You can care for your mattress by turning and airing it regularly. Our slat bases offer ventilation for your mattress from beneath.
We offer sprung beech slats as standard for nearly all our beds, but a fixed pine slat base can be ordered for a small extra charge. In order to choose which slats for your bed you need to consider the following:
What is the humidity level in your bedroom? High humidity and sprung slats are not a good combination, if you have an en-suit bathroom without great ventilation I would recommend the fixed pine slat base.
Do you like a firm or softer feel? If you love a firm feel, fixed pine slats are perfect for you. The sprung slats, while still supportive, offer a little more ‘give’. If you need fixed pine slats due to high humidity, but prefer a softer feel – take this in to consideration when selecting your mattress and choose a model that is a little softer.

Hand made in Britain the solid wood Hathersage bed with chevron headboard in cherry

4. Style
Tempting as it is to order the latest trend, a bed is an investment and an item you will likely keep for many years to come. An elegant design, which will fit with various interior design trends is a sensible choice. A classic solid wood bed or simple metal frame can be accessorised with bedding, throws and cushions in a way that can radically change the look (and be updated inexpensively as trends move on.)
If you are looking for some inspiration for styling your bedroom – check out our many pinterest boards.

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