Here at Natural Bed Company, we have a range of designs to suit many different uses and preferences. And although we do not make bed bases specifically designed for use with zip and link mattresses, we do have a number of beds that suit the use of these mattresses!

In this blog, I will take you through our range of zip and link mattresses, our designs that can be used as zip and link beds, and some key information to keep in mind…

What is a zip and link?

A zip and link mattress is simply two mattresses that can be zipped together to create a larger mattress!

They are generally available as standard in the following sizes:

  • Kingsize – a 150x200cm mattress that separates into two 75x200cm mattresses
  • Superking – a 180x200cm mattress that separates into two 90x200cm mattresses

The most popular option when looking into a zip and link is the superking size. Although kingsize is undoubtedly a very popular size, 75x200cm mattresses are considered small singles. A small single size is generally more suited towards children, and so may not be the most comfortable option for teenagers and adults.

In turn, zip and link beds can be used with these mattresses. Some beds can be made specifically for use with a zip and link, while others are simply well suited for use with them. As mentioned above, we do not make beds targeted towards zip and link use, but we have many designs that go well with these mattresses.

Why you might consider a zip and link mattress/bed…

A larger bed that separates into two singles is a popular choice and therefore an apt choice for many B&B’s and hotels.

However, this does not mean that their use is limited to hotels or B&B’s. Zip and link beds and mattresses can be perfect for use in a spare room.

They are also ideal for those with limited space and/or mobility. If you are worried about manoeuvring a large mattress around, a zip and link may be the solution. Likewise, all of our bed bases are flat packed, making them easier to manoeuvre around the home!

Zip & Link Mattresses

Choosing the right mattress can be difficult! And unfortunately options can be more limited when choosing a zip and link mattress. However, here at Natural Bed Company, we do have a number of mattresses that are available in the zip and link style.

First up, we have our Weldbank Collection, comprised of the 1000, 1500 and the 2500. Each of these mattresses are a medium firmness and are available in the kingsize and superking zip and link options.

From the same manufacturer of the Weldbank, we also have the Westgate 4000. Available again in both sizes, this mattress can be available in either a medium or firm.

If you are interested in an organic alternative, we have the Organic 1500 and Luxury Organic 3000. The 1500 is available in soft, medium, firm and extra-firm. The 3000 is available in medium and firm. Both mattresses can only be purchased in the superking zip and link option.

Finally, we have the Classic Luxe 1000. From the same manufacturer as our organic range, this mattress is only available in the superking size. Its firmness options are medium and firm.

Our bed bases…

Although we do not make beds that lock together and come apart in the same vein as traditional zip and link beds, we do have a number of options that can be pushed flush together.

The following designs work well for use as zip and link beds: Malabar, Sahara, Tibet, Nevada, Sonora and Bamford. The Kyoto collection is also perfect for use with a zip and link. This collection is comprised of the Kyoto (with headboard / without), Kumo (with headboard / without) and Kobe (with headboard / without).

These beds all have key elements in common! Firstly, the mattress sits flush to the frame on each of these designs. Any beds that do not have this feature will cause zip and link mattress to sit incorrectly on the frame.

The second element is that the headboard legs come are on the back of the panel, not the sides. Two of these beds pushed together will create a much more seamless look.

Although we do have other designs that have the mattress sit flush with the frame, such as the Camden, Hoxton, Zanskar and Cochin, these beds have headboard legs on the sides of the panel. When pushed together, this would not create a seamless panel. Instead, the headboard legs would meet in the middle creating a divide.

In a similar vein to this, we do not recommend that our upholstered beds be used with a zip and link mattress. This is due to the upholstered panel jutting out slightly at the sides. Pushing two upholstered beds together would create a slight gap between the frames.

How do I place an order?

If you have decided to opt for a zip and link, our mattresses can be ordered directly through our website or over the phone on 0114 2721984.

As we do not make zip and link specific bed bases, this does mean that your choice of bed does need ordering in custom sizing. For example, a standard UK single is 90x190cm. A superking zip and link instead separates into two long single (90x200cm) mattresses, which would require a base of the same size to suit.

There is no additional cost for the adjustment in sizes. However, due to the custom sizing, this does make the order subject to a 50% deposit. For more information on custom orders, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Please note, if you would like the grain to flow across both headboards more seamlessly, we can ensure both headboard panels are made from the same section of timber. However, this must be specified upon placement of the order.

To place an order for two custom sized (75x200cm or 90x200cm) bed bases, please contact us. If you are also opting for one of our zip and link mattresses, these can be ordered at the same time.

I hope that this post has helped to answer some of your questions about zip and links! If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please get in touch.