Over the last few weeks we’ve had many enquiries about our organic mattresses and bedding. People are asking “just how natural are the products at Natural Bed Company?”

So I thought I’d write a short blog about our luxurious, organic products.

We understand that the organic credentials of our products are an important consideration for many of our customers; whether due to allergies or a wish to move towards more natural, less processed goods. Here is an overview of the many products we offer:

Organic Mattresses

“Do you stock any organic mattresses that are made from natural fibres, or are free from fire retardant chemicals”?

This question has been a popular one in our store and over the phone recently so we’ll tackle it first. The mattress that ticks both boxes for natural materials and lack of fire retardant chemicals is the Organic Latex. Made in the UK, the mattress is simply a 15cm thick core of natural latex, wrapped in organic Welsh wool and covered in organic cotton – and that’s it. The natural fibres ensure that the Organic Latex is biodegradable and inherently fire resistant, removing the need for the addition of fire retardants. A medium to firm mattress, the Organic Latex is suitable for most body weights. The mattress is made to order on a farm in Wales and should be delivered to you in approximately 4-5 weeks from the point of order. If you require a non-standard size, just let us know and we will enquire with the manufacturer on availability and price.

A second option to consider is the Bamboo Passion mattress. Although it does contain certain fire retardant chemicals due to the foam core, the mattress cover is made from 100% bamboo fibre, a non-toxic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable material. The foam core is made using soy extract, boosting its eco credentials.

Organic Bedding

“Do you offer a range of organic bedding”?

To complement our range of organic mattresses we also stock a selection of organic duvets and pillows. Handmade in Devon, our wool duvets and pillows only contain wool that has not been chemically treated or bleached. They are naturally dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic, making them the perfect pairing with either our Bamboo Passion or Organic Latex mattresses.

In addition to being responsibly sourced and fair trade, our range of Organic Cotton Bedding (shown above) has great ‘eco’ credentials too. Grown without pesticides or fertilizers, the cotton is unbleached and strong – a long lasting and natural product.

Organic Towels

We also offer a luxurious collection of organic towels, including the Terry Rice Weave towels and a range of cotton Spa style towels. The Terry towels are in 500g organic terry cotton. They are available in two sizes and three neutral colours.

The Spa-style towels are in soft organic cotton, with a clever design so that when wrapped around the head or body they stay securely in place. These towels are available in a range of sizes and two shades of grey.
All these towels are made using cotton certified organic cotton by the Soil Association.

Organic Toiletries

Coming soon to Natural Bed Company – a collection of luxurious organic toiletries including face masks and body oil! Just keep an eye on our Toiletries & Candles section for new products…

If you have any questions that have not been answered or wish to place an order for any of these products, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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