Are you pondering how to maximise space in a bedroom? Finding your bedroom is all bed and no room?

I think we’d all like to have more space in our bedrooms; it can easily be the most cluttered room in the house. We have to find room for our clothes, shoes and bedding, find something to store them in (drawers, bedside tables, wardrobes – the list goes on) and if we’re lucky, keep a decent amount of space to sleep in!

Far too often the floor becomes the default storage area. Below you’ll find some ideas that will hopefully help in combating the chaos and maximizing the space you have available.

Get rid of everything but the essentials.

Do you really need a television in your bedroom? Really? Or the mountain of clothes in your wardrobe and drawers that you haven’t worn for years? Try to condense the clutter as much as possible – if you have a loft space, transfer unwanted or out-of-season clothes there. Alternatively take unused clothes to your local charity shop. If you haven’t worn a jacket for 18 months are you really going to wear it again? Do this a couple of times and the space saved means you can organise your wardrobe and drawers instead of stuffing them! You will find that you wear more of your clothing than ever before, because now you can get to it!

By getting rid of everything, apart from the essentials and the items you love, you create a de-cluttered, calmer space.

Oak bedroom storage drawers shown with our hand made oak wooden bed - The Malabar

Choose a bed that takes up the least amount of floor space without sacrificing size.

Take a look at two of our beds, the Tibet and the Ocean. If both beds were shown in king size (150x200cm), the Tibet would be 150cm wide whereas the Ocean would be 170cm. The difference between the two is that where the mattress sits on top of the frame on the former, with the latter the mattress sits within it. The example I’ve chosen is admittedly extreme but you would save space through choosing a Tibet style bed against any designed in a similar way to the Ocean. The saved space could mean the difference between fitting bedside tables and not.

under-bed drawers can be made to match the wood of your bed frame

Make the most of under-bed storage.

A wide range of our bed bases are available with additional under-bed storage, reducing the need for bulky chests of drawers. If you were to choose a double size or larger, it would be possible to fit up to four drawers underneath. These storage solutions are available with beds such as the Tibet, Sahara, Kyoto and Malabar (for a full list please see the under-bed drawers page on our website). Even if you did not purchase your bed from us, we may be able to make something that would fit the space – just get in touch!

Made in Britain by us our futon mattresses can be made in a choice of sizes and cover colours

Consider a futon mattress or sofa bed.

If you’re a fan of the minimal look or just really need the space you may wish to take a look at our Rio bed base paired with a futon mattress. The futon can be easily rolled when not in use and the three parts of the Rio can be stacked to maximize available floor space further.

Another option, possibly more suited to a guest bedroom is to choose a futon sofa bed over a more traditional bed base. Our Tokyo and Panama sofa beds are ideal in this situation, functional as an everyday sofa in a study and occasional bed.

Downsizing from a king to a double?

If I had my way I’d be waking up in a super king (180x200cm) Cochin bed every morning, but unfortunately available space dictates I have to downsize just a little bit. It may seem a little extreme but if space is at a premium, downsizing from a king size (150x200cm) to a standard double (135x190cm) may free up enough space to fit in a bedside table or simply allow more space around the bed itself.

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