Designing a master bedroom can be a challenge – often it is required to suit the taste of two people, sometimes with wildly differing preferences! It is usually the largest bedroom in the home and it is the room you want to have the most impact – so decorating and furnishing it can be an expensive exercise that you really don’t want to have to repeat too often.

Hopefully the following tips will help you create a stylish master bedroom that you will love for years to come…

1. How to choose a colour scheme and style theme you both like.

Generally I would recommend neutrals, not overly masculine or feminine – a cream/beige/grey backdrop to your scheme should suit you both and last for years. If you want to add a splash of colour – this can be done quickly and inexpensively with bedding and accessories – that way you can easily update the look with a new accent colour. Take your time and discuss the looks you both like, create a pinterest board or mood board of images of bedrooms you like. This helps you appreciate the style your partner is hoping to achieve and where you have areas of common ground.
A great resource for style ideas is the websites of boutique hotels. These hotels are professionally designed to have the wow factor and appeal to a wide range of people.

2. Good lighting – this is so important for a master bedroom!

Ideally a mix of adjustable lighting and good task lighting should answer your needs. Dimmable overhead lighting will allow you to have a bright space when searching for that particular black jumper among your other black clothes (yes – I am speaking from experience!), but also allow you to create a cosy, low-light space when you want to relax. Bedside lamps to read by are both useful and stylish – angle-poise lamps or small table lamps should fit the bill.

Tips – If you are lucky enough to have a large master bedroom….

1. How to make an impact
If you have the height, a four-poster bed will definitely add a feeling of luxury. Perfect for a large room, you can add a canopy for extra privacy.

2. Zone areas of use
In a large room it’s a good idea to zone the areas according to use. The zones may include – a dressing area with wardrobe, drawer units, dressing table and a full length mirror; a sleeping zone focused around the bed, with bedside tables and soft lighting; a sitting area (for the very lucky with a very large space!) perfect for taking your morning coffee – incorporating a couple of tub chairs and a side table or an upholstered bench.

3. Create a luxury hotel look
If you have the space and the budget incorporate a freestanding bath within the bedroom. You can see a number of stunning bedrooms with a bath on our pinterest board: master bedrooms. For further ideas on creating a hotel chic bedroom see my previous blog.

Tips – If you want to give a small master bedroom maximum impact….

1. Include some clever storage
Under-bed drawers and bedside tables that include a cupboard or drawers for storage are invaluable. They will allow you to achieve an uncluttered look and maximise space.

2. Keep it simple
Using plain fabrics, painted walls and simple bedding creates a greater sense of space. If you want to use some pattern choose a small design or keep a large, graphic pattern to a single area. Colour blocking will ensure you have a coherent look and the room has impact.

3. Walk-in Storage Space
If you have a smaller bedroom, but available spare rooms – you can turn one in to a walk-in closet.  This is a great option, it allows your master bedroom to remain simple and airy and incorporate luxurious touches (like a sitting area or a bath) as the dressing area is relocated. A walk-in wardrobe should also prevent any arguing over closet space!

For further ideas and inspiration follow these links:

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