If you are looking for a bed to create a focal point in the room look no further than our range of colourful beds! A ‘CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR’ bed or a lacquered hardwood bed will allow you to make a bold interior design statement and own a bed unique to you.

Matching the longevity and strength of our solid wood bed bases with a feature MDF headboard available in any colour, the ‘CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR’ range allows you to personalise your bed base. The bed frame is made of solid oak or walnut, but complemented by a lacquered panel available in the colour of your choice! To order your colour just supply us with a swatch of paint or a RAL or Pantone reference. If you prefer a hardwood bed with an all-over colour, just contact us – we can quote for an opaque coloured lacquer finish for most of our bed designs.

In this blog I will detail the ‘CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR’ bed bases available and answer the most common questions asked by customers interested in our more colourful beds….

Tao Contemporary hand crafted Wooden Bed with a painted headboard and matching bedside tables

The Sol and Tao

Modelled on our popular Sahara and Tibet bed bases and available in oak and walnut, the Sol and Tao offer a contemporary design in addition to an eye-catching headboard. The chunky rails and legs of the Tao show off the solid timber perfectly and offer the option to contrast the warm oak or deep, rich tones of walnut with a bold colour choice. The Sol, with its lower headboard and slimmer legs and side rails is the ideal choice in smaller rooms or where a lower height is preferable.

Summer bedding on the Tao solid wooden bed with painted headboard

The Koo

Similar in design to our Kulu bed base, the Koo platform bed (again available in oak and walnut), with its minimal, Japanese influenced design and low overall height, is the perfect loft bed. The wide headboard allows for a real impact to be made with your colour choice and the optional hardwood tables give a sleek, contemporary feel to the design.

Koo is a low platform style bed with optional side tables and painted headboard

“What colours can I choose from?”

This is by far the most popular question we are asked about this range. There really is no limit to the colours available to you – pick from a Pantone or RAL chart, or select your favourite Farrow and Ball shade and we will match it on the headboard. If you are unsure of which colour to pick or find it difficult to make an accurate choice through colour options shown on a website, we can arrange for a Farrow and Ball colour chart to be posted to you.

“Can I have a solid wood headboard?”

In order to ensure an ultra even paint finish we use MDF for the headboard panel. MDF is a durable, stable material which gives a flat, completely even result.

If you want a hardwood bed with an all over solid colour lacquer finsh, we recommend a solid beech bed. The beech takes the lacquer well, the grain is unobtrusive and – unlike pine – troublesome knots are generally minimal. Call us (0114 272 1984) for a quote and to discuss your options.

Sahara a contemporary low wooden bed here in a white lacquered finish

“Can I purchase tables and under-bed drawers to match my bed?”

Under-bed drawers are available for both the Sol and Tao. We can add an MDF panel to the front and side of the drawers to match the headboard colour if you prefer or you can choose from our standard Tibet and Sahara drawers with their hardwood fronts. If you are looking for matching bedside tables, why not opt for a Cube table. If you like we can lacquer the drawer front to match the colour of your headboard or match it to the timber.

Either option will ensure a cohesive look in your chosen bedroom furniture and storage.

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