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Christmas Bedding – Dressing The Guest Bedroom For Christmas Visitors

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas (as the song goes), so it seems a good time to look into dressing the guest bedroom for Christmas visitors. We all know the feeling, prior to the arrival of guests a good few hours of prep is required to get your home looking good enough so not to cause embarrassment (or is that just me?!) Once the living and dining areas are prepared, its time to focus on the guest bedroom. It is easy to neglect the guest bedroom once basic cleaning is complete, however if you want your guests to feel merry and bright throughout their visit, a little more attention to their sleep quarters wouldn’t go amiss.

First of all check the mattress, has it seen better days? Mattresses in guest bedrooms can often go past their best without you realising. After all it is unlikely a guest would comment after you have been gracious enough to accommodate them overnight. Our Moon or Memotouch mattresses have proved popular with customers who are after a mattress for the guest bedroom, the price point is ideal for this purpose and the firmness of these mattresses suits most people. We can also ship these mattresses both locally and nationally up until Christmas week; perfect for those of us that are less organised! Feel free to call us at our Sheffield showroom or read or mattress blogs if you would like some additional information on our mattress range.

Now onto Christmas bedding. We stock a range of duvets and pillows. Our duvets are either wool or down filled, and available in a variety of tog ratings (the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet). Our pillows are also available in wool and down. We also stock memory foam pillows, we currently have an offer on our medium support pillows; buy one get one free.

Dressing the bed appropriately is key to creating a festive mood for your guests; the first step to this is creating a luxurious feel. Our pure cotton sheets are ideal for this. This Christmas we have a new range of pure cotton bedding and Egyptian cotton bedding; ranging from 200 thread count to 1000 thread count. The Egyptian cotton range of bedding is available in a festive silver, along with white and smoke grey. The higher the thread count, the softer the fabric. Our natural cotton and linen bedding page on our website shows the full range.

As mentioned we also stock a range of linen bedding. Linen is the most prestigious fabric to dress your guest bed, this range has been very popular with customers who can feel the quality of the fabric in our Sheffield showroom, and it actually gets softer with use! With many grey tones available, customers often mix and match this range, a Dove Grey sheet along with a Charcoal duvet cover would be a stylish choice, the absence of pattern is perfect as a canvas to show off our range of pure wool Bronte throws. The most popular Bronte throw for the festive season has got to be the lambswool throw with Snowflake Design. The grey and white tones suit all colours in both the pure cotton bedding and linen range (especially the darker tones!), throw this across the foot of the bed as a stylish accessory, or use it to cosy up in front of the fire on Christmas Eve.

If you are feeling more traditional this Christmas, our Red Stripe duvet cover is perfect paired up with the Bronte Crimson Check Throw. You can see for yourself on our Throws and Blankets section of the website. The subtle red stripe on the duvet cover, picks out the rich crimson of the throw, and you can’t get a more festive colour than rich Crimson! For more information on our Bronte Throws, take a look at our Bronte Wool Throws blog.

If practicality is key our range of soft and cosy fleece throws and faux fur throws are large enough to cover the majority of the bed, and can be machine washed. This is perfect for younger guests who may venture into the room with sticky fingers, or older guests with a taste for midnight mince pie snacking! These are a bargain price, so much so that customers often buy more than one. I personally believe in treating myself to whatever my guests receive, after all no one wants an envious host!

For more inspiration and ideas please take a look at our Pinterest Boards: Christmas Bedroom Decor and The Perfect Guest Bedroom

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