When you enquire about or order a bed or a mattress from the Natural Bed Company you may notice that we tend to ask quite a few questions. Bed sizes, mattress sizes, basically any measurement to do with either product are not standardised – one company may class their standard ‘double’ as one size, another company will quote something entirely different. This is where things can become a little confusing, both for you as a customer and for us, tasked with manufacturing and supplying a product that exactly meets your expectations.

As a result of these differing measurements we will always check with you to ensure there are no crossed wires when it comes to the size of your bed or mattress.

If you decide to purchase a bed from us but source the mattress from elsewhere we will ask for the exact measurements of your mattress – width, length and depth. Some companies can deviate from regular sizes only slightly, but this can have a big impact. For example, we would class a double and king size as 135x190cm and 150x200cm respectively – the Craft mattresses we offer measure 137x190cm and 153x200cm (as they are based on traditional UK sizes in inches). Only a centimetre or so either side on the width of the base, but paired with a Kyoto bed where the mattress sits on top of the frame, rather than within it, and the difference could be noticeable. Luckily, one of the many plus points of ordering a handmade bed from the Natural Bed Company is that we can make alterations to the size of your bed to accommodate your specific mattress. Problem solved!

Staying with mattresses, the next measurement we will ask for is depth. The mattresses you will see paired with our bed bases in photographs on the website are between 18 and 22cm in depth. Many sprung mattresses can be much deeper than this, some luxury pocket sprung models can be over 30cm. Again, as we make all of our beds to order, we can increase the mattress gap between the slat base and the bottom of the headboard panel – on the majority of designs – to increase the overall height of the headboard panel and keep the mattress in proportion to the base and ensure that the beautiful hardwood timber is not entirely hidden behind your pillows!

It may seem a little personal to ask about your weight and height when purchasing a mattress, but this is one of the most important questions we can ask when determining which model is right for you. Too soft a mattress for your weight range and you may not get the required back support, too firm and you may find yourself waking up with a stiff neck and an aching back which would outstay its welcome rather quickly. Take a look at our previous blog to help you find the right mattress.

The next check we go through centres around your choice of timber. Whether you have decided on a distinctive hardwood such as cherry or walnut, a pine stain or a painted finish we do everything we can to ensure there are no surprises when the bed arrives – that the colour, grain and tones of the timber are as you expected. As our timbers are natural materials we cannot guarantee the exact look of your finished bed, but through sending out timber samples of the various woods  – hardwoods and pine – we offer, this allows you to check how the timber looks in the room, whether the grain is as expected and if the tone of the wood suits your existing furniture. (We have lots of photographs on our website, but screen settings can vary enormously so we always recommend requesting a timber sample so you get an accurate picture of the timbers available)

Going through the above checks allows us to flag up any potential problems with your order before anything is put into production, meaning that we can adjust our beds when necessary and possibly point you in a different direction of a more appropriate mattress. We want you to be happy with every product you order from us and these questions ensure that you make the right choice when choosing from our extensive range of hardwood bed bases, bedroom furniture and mattresses.

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