We have developed a wide range of low loft beds, perfect for attic bedrooms, in response to customer requests. Whether it’s the requirement for an ultra low bed to sit under the eaves in an attic space, or a impressive bed for a large loft space that comes flat pack due to restricted access – we have found a stylish design solution.

Our platform beds

For maximum impact in a large loft space we recommend taking a look at our platform style beds. These bed have a wide foot print but aren’t too tall, ideal when head-room is an issue but the room has a large foot-print so one of our ultra-low beds may just look a little lost.

The Oregon bed (shown at the top of the collection above) is a real show-stopper, it has a generous headboard, with a wide platform frame and looks particularly impressive paired with the modern, wide Oregon tables. It’s shown above in solid maple wood. The bed shown just below the Oregon above, is the Kulu bed. This model is a minimalist, modern platform bed available in a range of solid hardwoods. The Kulu can be ordered with a pair of small bedside ‘tables’ attached, these handy platforms make the perfect resting place for your alarm clock and a mug of tea! If you would like to add some colour to your scheme take a look at the Koo, it’s the same design as the Kulu but the headboard panel has a painted finish (available in almost any colour you choose!)

If you like an oriental look or are just a fan of Japaneses minimalism – take a look at our Kyoto and Kumo beds shown above. Again these beds are available in a wide range of hardwoods, but also in solid pine in a range of finishes. The Kyoto and Kumo are available with or without a headboard. If you need extra storage, select the Kyoto – it has slightly higher legs so it’s tall enough for under-bed drawers.

Our ultra-low beds

These beds are perfect for average size attic rooms, particularly those with a lower ceiling height. These beds also arrive in sections, ready for self assembly – so even if access is tight, it generally isn’t an issue. If you’re concerned about access please call us before ordering and we can let you know how many packages the bed will arrive in and the approximate size of each (you can do this for any of our bed designs, often the foot and headboards are in one parcel, the side rails and centre rail another, the final package contains the slats and fixings. However this will vary depending on the design and size of the bed, so please call us for more detailed information.)

The beds photographed above are from our range of very low beds – the Kobe, Ki and Nevada beds. The Kobe is a lower version of the Kumo, and is again available with or without a headboard – a useful design feature if your bed is to be placed under low eaves, or to sit below a low window sill. The Kobe is only 14cm in height from the floor to the top pf the bed slats, 50.5cm in maximum height if ordered with a headboard.
The Ki is very similar to our Kulu bed base without a headboard panel.  We first designed the Ki specifically for a customer who wanted a Kulu, but needed a version without a headboard and with as small a foot print as possible. The Nevada is a low bed – a pared back design with a traditional ‘four legged’ base – with a low headboard panel. The Nevada is only 17cm to the top of the bed slats, 54cm from the floor to the top of the headboard.

Modern low-mid height beds

If you have a little more height to your attic space and can accommodate a bed with a headboard take a look at the beds photographed below.

The Sonora is the first bed shown here, it is the same design as the Nevada but with a much taller headboard panel – the height from the floor to the top of the headboard of the Sonora is 73cm, while the height to the top of the slats is only 17cm. This is a very low bed, but the tall headboard panel shows off the beauty of the timber – and means you can have a stack of pillows if you want to! (New: We now offer a similar design to the Sonora – the Iona has the same proportions but with an upholstered, buttoned headboard).
The second bed shown above is the Sahara – this is a classic mid-height bed – the mattress sits a little higher from the ground than the Nevada and Sonora. The height from the floor to the top of the headboard is 77cm, the height to the top of the bed slats is 30cm. The Java is a good alternative, this classic low bed has a sloping headboard so it’s very comfortable to lean against if you like to do some bedtime reading. The height to the top of the headboard is only 65cm.

If you are looking for more ideas and inspiration for your attic bedroom take a look at our Pinterest boards: Contemporary Loft Style and Attic Beds & Bedrooms.

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