Over the last twelve months here at Natural Bed Company we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of bedding orders received online – from our wide range of cotton and linen duvet covers to the always popular Bronte throws. We’re always looking to add to our range, whether with natural, organic cotton bedding or luxurious 1000 thread count sheets, so we can guarantee you’ll find something to fit the design of your dream bedroom.

With increased interest in our bedding collection comes more enquiries from customers unsure about which size to buy for their bed. In this blog I’ll break down the different size options available and advise on how the bed base can impact on the best size of bedding to pair with it.

Duvets & Duvet Covers

First, lets take a look at duvets. Below, you’ll see an overview of the standard UK sizes in double, king and superking:

Double – 200x200cm (double mattress size 135x190cm)
King – 225x220cm (king-size mattress dimensions approx. 150x200cm)
Super-King – 260x220cm (super-king mattress dimensions approx. 180x200cm)

For bed bases such as our Zanskar, Cochin and Tibet, you’ll be fine using a king size duvet with a king size bed as the base is tall enough so the duvet does not reach the floor. Some customers even choose a king-size duvet and bedding to use with their double bed. If you have a taller bed or a deep mattress – this won’t be problem.

However, if you have a much lower bed – like the Kobe, Oregon or Ki – with a slim mattress it may be worth downsizing the bedding size, to ensure the duvet does not completely cover the base.

Pillows & Pillowcases

We offer a range of pillows (feather & down, wool, tercel, silk or cotton filled) in a standard 50x75cm size to fit in our Housewife (plain) or Oxford (with a fabric border) pillowcases.

If you are searching for 90cm wide pillows for a super-king bed – please contact our sales team on 0114 272 1984 to order.


The ‘double, king and super-king’ sizes mentioned above are also applicable to bedspreads and quilts, but it is worth noting that not all sizes are available for each item in our range. You may find that bedspreads come in just one size e.g. 220x240cm – a mid size that will work for king and super-king (even a double, depending on the bed height and the style you like). Some suppliers offer a ‘single size’ of 190x250cm – e.g take a look at the Anja bedspread – although only 190cm in length – if you don’t need the quilt to cover your pillows – this size is actually big enough for a super-king, ample for a double. Some quilts are considered ‘bed runners’ – intended to cover just the end of your bed (great for keeping your toes warm on cooler nights!)

Fitted Sheets & Flat Sheets

Although we stock a wide variety of UK standard size mattresses (and can source European and US sizes from our suppliers) we currently only offer fitted sheets in double, king and super-king sizes. However, if you have a euro-double (140x200cm) or euro-king size (160x200cm) mattress and like the look of our linen or organic cotton bedding, then flat sheets are available. Although you may need to brush up on your hospital corners if you take this option!

If you are about to purchase a fitted sheet it’s always worth measuring the depth of your mattress and checking it against the ‘box depth’ of the fitted sheet. Most fitted sheets have a depth of around 35-38cm (e.g our new linen blend fitted sheets – in a double size – are 140cm in width and have a generous 38cm box depth – so they should fit even deep double or euro double mattresses).

Throws & Blankets

The majority of our Bronte throws measure 140x180cm, making them ideal for double and king size beds and a possible addition to a super-king base depending on the height and how the throw is folded. If you intend to use one of our Soft & Cosy throws on a bed base, please note that these measure 150x200cm, making them a little easier to add to a super-king.

Each of the beds on display at our Sheffield showroom is beautifully dressed with examples of our wide range of bedding, so if you are undecided and can make the trip to come and see us, all of the options I have discussed above are available to view. All of the bed bases on display are standard UK king size and we have a mix of king and double duvets on each base to illustrate the points I made earlier.

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