As the weather has turned so very cold, we thought we’d take a look at the ways we can help you keep cosy and warm this winter. We everything from high tog duvets, quilts and blankets to hot-water bottles, slippers and robes.

Warm Bedding

There’s little better than feeling warm and toasty in bed when you know it’s snowing outside. At Natural Bed Company we have lots of cosy, soft bedding for the perfect long lie-in.
Recently I purchased one of our Organic Cotton and Wool memory foam filled mattress toppers, it’s so comfy! Now is the time to turn it wool side up for extra warmth. Paired with my brushed cotton duvet cover and pillowcase (with down and feather duvet and pillows) – it’s difficult to get out of bed in the mornings! This bedding is pure bliss, the pure brushed cotton bedding is incredibly soft to the touch and feels very cosy, it available in a silver grey colour with a piped edge in linen, available in charcoal or an acid yellow for a pop of colour.
A stylish, luxury alternative is our pure linen bedding – available in a range of colours. Linen fabric has natural heat-regulating qualities which makes it feel pleasantly cool on a hot day but helps to keep you warm in cold weather. Take a look at our collection of soft cotton and linen bedding to see the full range available.

When the temperatures are changeable it’s useful to have a quilted bedspread to hand. The addition of an extra layer on cold evenings can be an easier option than changing your duvet for one with a higher tog and, as we have so many stylish options available, it can help complete your bedroom scheme.

Hot-water Bottles & Blankets

Look no further for your perfect hot-water bottle! We have a wide range available – from great value Meraki bottles with cotton covers to luxury, extra-long YuYu hot-water bottles available with covers in a range of fabrics and prints. My favourite is the YuYu bottle with a soft waffle cotton rich cover in ivory – the long bottle can be wrapped around the body to help soothe aches and pains. We also have a waffle gift set including a hot-water bottle and a soft eye mask in matching fabric – perfect for a warm and undisturbed night’s rest.

For the final layer over your bedding I would suggest a cosy blanket – it’s a useful extra layer of warmth over your bedding, while light enough to snuggle up with on your sofa when the weather turns cold. We have a wide range available from cotton quilted blankets, to faux fur throws and pure wool blankets.

Cosy Nightwear

On cooler evenings you’ll find our luxurious linen and cotton pyjamas are just what you need to keep you feeling warm and pampered. We have jersey bottoms and lounge style tops, incredibly soft, heavy cotton pyjamas and night-shirts, and pure linen pyjamas too. Our nightwear collection also includes soft robes, bed-socks and lounge-wear.

The ideal finishing touch is a pair of toasty slippers and we have lots to choose from. Glerups are a firm favourite available in two styles (a slip-on style and a pull-on shoe design) – these thick felt slippers are available in a range of colours and have a nubuck sole. Recently we came across a new supplier specialising in sheepskin and wool slippers with sturdy soles suitable for occasional out-door use. These designs are so comfy you’ll be loathe to wear anything else!