Well, its that time of year when our customers call to ask “when we will be having a sale – Boxing Day?January?” As a rule, we do not do sales or offer range-wide discounts on our products (outside the few ex-display models that appear on the website at times when we have a change-around in our showroom. We try to ensure that our prices are consistent all year round, that you get our best price whether you order one of our handmade beds in January or June.

This is not to say that there is anything wrong with sales in general, they just do not fit in with how we make our beds. As each bed base is hand-crafted and made to order – we do not mass produce stock that can be easily sold off come Black Friday or Boxing Day.

At this time of year, when we tend to frequently talk the most about how we differ from other companies, it makes us think about what sets us apart, what our values are as a company and how this relates to the products we sell.

Designed for Beauty & Quality

Each of the bed bases you see on our website has been designed individually to be both beautiful and to last a life-time. Each section of timber used has been chosen to fit the design; take a look through the collection and you will not see uniform headboard sections, the same side rails and identical foot-boards across the range. We will not be led in our design process by the sections of timber we can buy in bulk, or ones that are light-weight for the cheapest shipping costs. We want our beds to be special, to be unique.

We currently have over 30 bed designs in our range – have a look at the headboards, how they are constructed, the sizes of the panels used, check the side rail sizes – they differ dramatically across the collection. What works on one bed will not necessarily work on another and a great deal of time and care has been taken to ensure each piece fits together perfectly.

Handmade Beds Tailored For You

We want to give our customers as much choice as we can in both timber and bed size. We offer seven sizes as standard, but as all the bases are made to order, this really is just the tip of the iceberg! We have recently seen a big increase in international sales and this is in large part down to our ability to make European and American sizes. From a Euro-double (140x200cm) to a US King size (193x203cm), to anything in between, all of the designs you see on our website can be customised to all sizes. Although we cannot sit down with you to design a new bed base from the ground up, we can accommodate changes to our beds, adding an extra panel to the headboard for example, altering the clearance or even adding a strip of a second timber to the headboard to create something especially striking and unique.

Every Natural Bed Company bed is made here in Sheffield by our talented local craftsmen. When an order is placed it is allocated to just one person – they take ownership of its construction from beginning to end, ensuring the highest quality finish possible.

If you would like to take a look at the quality furniture we offer, we display our most popular designs in our showroom and try to ensure at least one bed in each timber is on show. We will be closed from Christmas Eve for our festive break, but re-open in the New Year on 2nd January and we’d love to see you then.

Speaking of the New Year, if you were to take a look at our website then you will notice that our bed prices have increased a little. This is the first price increase we have had in around 18 months and its not something we relish having to do, but prices from our timber supplier have increased to an extent that they could not be left as they are. These increases affect the hardwood timbers most, with pine not seeing much of a change – so if you were interested in one of our wenge pine Kyoto beds you may not notice a great deal of difference from this year to next. Our beautiful, high quality timbers are from well-managed, sustainable forests.