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Luxury Bedding Perfect for Summer


To get a good nights sleep during hot summer nights it’s so important to select the right bedding. In this blog we take a look at the luxury bedding ranges we have available and how best to incorporate it into your bedroom scheme to keep you feeling fresh and well rested all summer.

Luxury Linen Bedding

Linen bedding is the perfect choice for summer weather as linen fibres have natural heat-regulating qualities which make it feel pleasantly cool during a warm summer season and warm in cooler weather. Linen is also naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, so you can be sure to stay feeling fresh.

We have a wide range of linen bedding available including pillowcases, duvet covers, fitted sheets and flat sheets. Sleeping under just a soft linen flat sheet is a great way to keep cool during a very hot and muggy summer night – so for this summer it’s ideal! We have a stylish collection of linen bedding available in white, dove grey, duck-egg blue or charcoal. This range includes everything from flat sheets to duvet covers.

Can’t Decide? Try a Linen & Cotton Blend

We have a couple of ranges of bedding which blend cotton and linen for soft, luxury bedding with some of the relaxed feel of linen. For a classic, timeless look try the Hemstitch range – a beautiful collection of linen blend bedding with a delicate hemstitch detail. Available in ivory, the linen blend fabric is 55% linen and 45% cotton. The linen blend fabric combines the durability and luxury of linen with the softness and lustre of cotton. It will feel softer after every wash, wrinkle less than pure linen and last for years. The collection includes simple Housewife pillowcases and elegant Oxford pillowcases, double and king-size duvet covers and fitted sheets.

For a pretty, vintage look try the Vintage Print Linen Blend Bedding collection. This is a beautiful collection of linen blend bedding with a delicate floral print, over-dyed and washed for a vintage look. Available in deep blush pink, the linen blend fabric is 60% linen and 40% cotton – it is soft to the touch with a linen textured weave.
A great value option is our Cotton & Linen Mix Bedding, available in stone or navy. These modern duvet sets include a duvet cover and a pair of standard pillowcases (50x75cm each). A coloured cotton and linen mix fabric (80% cotton with 20% linen) to the front, with a plain ivory fabric to the reverse.

Light-weight Duvets or Quilts

If you are just looking for a simple low tog duvet – we have a range of duvets in 4.5 tog, including white goose feather & down, white goose down or luxurious Hungarian white goose down filled duvets. We also offer a spring-summer wool filled duvet – the equivalent of 4-7 tog – as well as being an insulator, wool breathes and wicks away moisture. This allows the body to regulate its own temperature aiding a restful night.

The light-weight bedspread is a great alternative to a low tog duvet – it can be used in the summer instead of your duvet (just add soft cotton flat sheets) and can be used in the winter over your duvet as a cosy extra layer.

We offer a wide range of light-weight bedspreads in a range of colours, patterns and textures. If your preference is for neutrals try the Chrysanthemum, Fairmont and Classic Embroidered bedspreads. For monochrome bedding we have lots of choices in white, grey or black. Take a look at our contemporary Stockholm Bedspreads, Chevron Quilts or Diamond Textured Bedspreads to see just a few of the options available

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