Please note: the mattresses discussed in this blog have now been discontinued.

We often have customers asking about our collection of firm mattresses, they may have back problems, be of a heavier weight or simply prefer a firmer feel mattress. We have a wide range of firm mattresses – foam or sprung – so we thought we’d take a look at the qualities of each in the range, to help you find the perfect firm mattress for you.

Firstly here are some tips to help you to select the right firmness of mattress to support your back:

  1. Take into account the type of mattress that best suits your physical frame.
    The correct support depends on your weight, height, build and sleeping position. Larger framed, heavier people are usually better suited to firmer mattresses which will adjust to their weight but won’t allow them to sink in too far.

    As smaller, lighter people do not need this firmness level to support their spines, so softer mattresses can offer the same level of support. Very tall people of average weight may also find that a medium mattress is more appropriate as their weight is spread across a greater area.
  2. Consider your preferred sleeping position.
    When you lie on your side your spine should be almost horizontal and you should be able to turn easily in your sleep. Side sleepers generally prefer a slightly softer option to accommodate their contours, while back sleepers tend to prefer a firmer feel. Sleep on your stomach? A firmer mattress generally better supports stomach sleepers’ spines too.

    If you find it difficult to get comfortable at night, and are not sure whether you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper – this implies that the mattress you have curerntly is not the right one, so try something different.
  3. If possible try out a range of mattresses in the shop.
    Lie on them for 15 minutes in your preferred sleeping position, bring your own pillow if you like, the closer you can simulate your real sleeping position the better.

    Bring your partner when testing a mattress. If this mattress is for you and a partner lie on the mattress together in your usual sleeping positions. The mattress needs to suit you both, though you may differ greatly in weight/build. It is possible to get a half-and-half mattress (some mattress manufacturers will make a mattress firm on one half, and medium or soft on the other) or two singles (placed together on a king-size or super-king bed base) of differing firmness.

    If the movement of your partner disturbs your sleep – this can be another reason to select two singles rather than one mattress for you both.
  4. When in doubt try the Sleep Council test.
    The Sleep Council recommend the following to test to find out if the mattress you are lying on is the right firmness for your back: Lie on your back and try to slide your hand under the hollow of your back. If it slides under too easily the bed is probably too hard, if it’s a struggle probably it’s too soft. A little resistance is what you’re looking for. (Their alternative test if to pop a set of keys behind your back – you shouldn’t be able to feel them!)

Our firm mattress range from the most firm to our medium option:

Our firmest mattress – The Relaxsan

The Relaxsan is a firm, foam mattress that we recommend for body weights over 15 stone (95kg) and for people who like a very firm mattress. Made with a filling of expanded polymer foam – a high density filling with excellent elasticity.

A little softer than the Relaxsan – The Orthosoft

The name is misleading – the Orthosoft is not a soft mattress! The Orthosoft is a firmer foam mattress than the Moon Firm or the Waterlattex, but not quite as firm as the Relaxsan. This mattress is an excellent choice, and especially popular for, people in the 80Kg (12-13 stone+) weight range. 18cm deep.

A firm sprung mattress – the Weldbank

This Weldbank is the Ortho 1400 mattress – designed to have a firm feel for good back support, offering superior support to the whole body and spine. This pocket sprung mattresses incorporates 1400 (based on a king-size) individually nested pocket springs, and features a unique zonal edge spring system for support across the full span of the mattress. The Weldback Ortho 1400 has more ‘bounce’ than the Orthosoft, but is still a firm mattress. 23-25cm deep.
This mattress does not contain traditional chemical FR treatments – instead the ticking is treated with M-PURE – an ecofriendly, non-toxic, biological treatment from Maes.

The value firm mattress – The Moon Firm

The Moon Firm is an excellent firm-medium, value foam mattress with a 14cm ‘Orthofirm’ core covered in hypoallergenic and breathable outer padding. A slim mattress it is 16cm in depth.

A luxury sprung mattress – The Westgate

The Westgate is a luxurious sprung mattresses with a chemical free fire retardancy treatment like the Weldbank – biodegradable and eco-friendly. These comfortable and supportive pocket sprung mattresses are available in three firmness options: soft, medium and firm. The firm Westgate has the bounce you would expect from a sprung mattress and the initial give of the layers of cotton and wool however the 2000 springs (king-size) in the firm model have greater tension for less give. Depth 26-28cm approximately.

The firm to medium Waterlattex mattress

The Waterlattex Vision mattress is filled with a mixture of polymer foam and natural latex, expanded under water to produce a firm sponge-like structure. It also features a Coolmax cover to keep you cool and fresh with a breathable band round the edges to enhance good airflow and ventilation. 20cm deep.
The Waterlattex is one of our most popular foam mattresses, it suits most body weights and the high desity filling gives years of comfortable support.

The ever popular medium-firm option: The Optimal Support Mattress

The Optimal Support Back Care mattress is the ideal mattress for those of average size/weight but looking for extra back support. This mattress is designed to provide optimal support to 7 areas of the body. Constructed using 5 layers of specialist materials: 2cm of memorex padding, a hypoallergenic and breathable fibre layer, a layer of insulated material, 6cm Orthosoft material with a ‘chess shaped’ structure offering differentiated support and better breathability over a 12cm Orthofirm layer. Approximately 21cm deep.

For more advice and information please call our sales team on 0114 272 1984 – we are always happy to help.