In this post we take a look at our collection of solid cherry wood beds and which styles really suit this timber. We also take a look at the bedding and accessories we would suggest to suit your cherry wood bed and create a warm and cosy Autumn bedroom.

cherry timber

First of all – a little bit of information about our cherry wood: cherry has a smooth grain and an initially pale reddish/brown tone, sometimes with lighter areas in a pinkish, to pale sage tone. Our new ‘natural’ finish (see the image below on the left) will help maintain this variety of authentic colouration for as long as possible. However cherry wood will deepen in colour and the warmer, reddish tones develop over time. If you prefer a deeper, redder tone as soon as possible – please let us know – our previous ‘clear’ lacquer finish is still available and will bring out the warmer shade.

Low Modern Cherry Wood Beds

Cherry wood furniture doesn’t need to be traditional. This warm hued timber suits even the most modern bed, and the vibrant grain will add interest and individuality to the most pared back bed design. As you can see from the images below we have chosen to photograph our Oregon, Sonora and Kyoto low beds in cherry. The Oregon is a low, platform bed with a New York loft look – it suits a variety of bedding styles but I really love simple dove grey linen bedding or the more boho striped bedding we have used below – including the Chambray Stripe Cotton Bedding and Open-Weave Cotton Throw.

The Kyoto bed is an elegant, Japanese style bed – it looks wonderful in solid cherry wood and only requires simple, layered bedding to create a cosy look. Take a look at the ochre Watercolour Floral Print duvet set, it is a stunning choice with an updated take on a classic floral print. Alternatively a simple ochre bedspread (such as our Hexagon bedspread) over the Ikat Stripe ochre duvet set will look warm yet modern. For a more relaxed, rustic look as shown on the cherry Sonora bed above – use a simple monochrome duvet set (such as the Traditional Ikat or Painted Stripe duvet sets) and add a cosy wool throw in warm terracotta tones. My favourite? Our lambswool throws in Saffron.

Tall & Elegant Cherry Wood Beds

Cherry wood looks fabulous on a wide range of beds and is a popular choice for our taller beds too. Our Cochin and Camden beds are stunning in cherry wood. The tall tapered legs and generous headboard panels show of the beauty and variety of the solid cherry. Below we’ve chosen to contrast the warm cherry hues with cool coloured bedding in a range of shades from mint to midnight blue. I particulalr like the classic Midnight Blossom bedding – a navy blue sateen cotton with small flowers in ivory and terracotta with matching piping. The subtle hints of terracotta ties in with the warmth of the cherry beautifully.

For a more neutral look we have used the Highland 4 poster bed with a solid cherry frame and an upholstered headboard panel in Amatheon fabric. This looks like the perfect cosy, Autumn bedroom – soft, toasty bedspreads draped over warm beige bedding (try the Organic bedding in brown melange) just add a faux fur throw or bedspread for winter.