If you are looking for a bed base that highlights the beauty of the timber we use here at Natural Bed Company then a platform bed may be the perfect choice.

Before I get ahead of myself though, it might be worth explaining exactly what a platform bed is! We would define this type of base as being a low bed, typically with a large footprint, utilizing long sections of timber for the base instead of the more traditional design with 4 distinct legs at each corner.

We have four bed designs that would be classified as platform beds: the Oregon, Kulu, Koo and Ki.

white linen bedding on the Oregon bed in cherry

Lets start with the Oregon, one of my favourite models and surely the most striking design of the four beds mentioned. Definitely not a bed to choose if you don’t have much space- the overall footprint of the base is 30cm wider and longer than the mattress size- the Oregon is ideal if you want to ensure that the bed is the focal point of the room. The tall headboard and frame around the sides and foot of the bed allow for large sections of timber to be visible- perfect for showing off the swirling grain and beautiful tones in woods such as oak and walnut. If you want to create a more minimal look, the Oregon works equally well in a pale timber such as maple. To complete the look, you can add matching simple side tables.

ash ki platform bed

Searching for a simpler design? Then the Ki may be the bed for you. The lack of a headboard makes this ideal for a loft room or indeed any bedroom with a lower ceiling, and with a smaller footprint than the Oregon- 5cm longer and 15cm wider than the mattress size- the Ki can work easily in a small space. The prominent footboard allows for your chosen timber to be seen; this works particularly well with timbers with strong grain patterns such as ash.


The Kulu and Koo beds act as the mid-point between the minimalist Ki and the striking Oregon platform bases. The both have prominent headboards but not the frame that is found around the sides and footboard end of the Oregon bed. The dimensions of each bed are exactly the same, with the only difference being the headboard panel- the Kulu has a solid hardwood timber headboard where the Koo has a panel made from painted MDF (There are no health concerns with our mdf: we use only Medite Ecologique zero formaldehyde MDF). This means that you can choose to either match the painted finish of the Koo with an existing colour scheme in the room (we would just require a RAL, Pantone or Farrow & Ball paint number to match to your preferred colour) or instead decide to match up or contrast with a timber panel.

We currently have a Kulu and Oregon bed on display in our Sheffield showroom if you wanted to see how they look in reality. Our opening times are 10am-5:30pm Monday to Saturday.