The Camden bed has been one of the most popular designs in our range for over a year now and when the Hoxton was added, the trend continued. Until now we didn’t have a bedside table made specifically for either bed but that has changed with the introduction of…drum-roll please – the Camden table.

The Camden bedside table fits perfectly with either its namesake bed – the Camden – or the Hoxton bed, with the legs mirroring the same sections in the base and the height of the table made to reach the same height as the side rails. It is available in each of the hardwood timbers we offer (oak, ash, maple, beech, cherry and walnut) and has the same manufacturing time as the other bedside tables in our range such as the Cube and Kyoto tables – currently 6 weeks.  

The table measurements are as follows:
Height: 37cm
Width: 45cm
Depth: 37cm

A walnut Hoxton bed with Camden bedside table

The simple, elegant design of the Camden table and its compact, mid-height dimensions mean that it can also be paired with many other beds in our range such as the Malabar, Tibet, Zanskar and Arran.
If you are looking for a table to match the Carnaby and Pimlico beds, just let us know – we can adjust the height of the legs of the Camden table to suit.

While we’re talking about the Camden bed, now would be a good time to point out a few updates we’ve recently made to the design. We are always looking at ways to make improvements to our beds and in the case of the Camden and Hoxton designs we have started to use thicker sections of timber for the side rails and legs, reinforced the leg sections to make them more robust and much less susceptible to damage in transit. The alterations to the design means the mattress now sits on top of the frame like a Malabar or Tibet bed, rather than inside the frame. This gives the bed a slightly smaller overall footprint and allows it to accommodate the heavier sprung mattresses such as the newly introduced Westgate 4000.

We are very happy with how these alterations have been incorporated into the design; we feel that nothing has been lost in the changes, the beds still retain the that elegant mid-century look that made these beds so special.
The only dimensions that have been changed as a result of the alterations are the overall width, now the same as the mattress width e.g. a 150cm Camden is 150cm wide and the length. The thicker sections used in the construction of the base have meant that this has increased from 204cm (for a 200cm long mattress) to 208cm.

If you would like to take a look the updated Camden and Hoxton beds we currently have an oak Camden and walnut Hoxton on display in our Sheffield showroom, along with matching Camden tables for each. If you can’t make the trip to Sheffield, the product pages for both beds have been updated with photographs showing the new design.

Hoxton handmade bed in solid walnut

As ever, if you have any questions about the products mentioned here you can wither contact us on 0114 272 1984 (our opening times are 10am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday) or send us an email at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as we can.