We’re on a roll here at Natural Bed Company – introducing not one, but two beds at once! The Hathersage and Bamford beds are the latest additions to our range and present a departure from our most recent mid-century style designs such as the Camden and Carnaby bases.

Both new wooden beds are based on our popular Tibet base, but with a taller headboard. The extra panel allowing more of your chosen timber to be seen once the bed is dressed.
With an under-bed clearance of 27cm, there is plenty of room for under-bed storage; take a look at our Tibet under-bed drawers for inspiration.

If you need to measure up to check if you’ve got the space for the Bamford or Hathersage beds, take a look at the full list of dimensions below:

overall length: 207cm for 200cm long mattress; 197cm for 190cm long mattress sizes.
overall width: same as nominal size, e.g. a 150cm Hathersage/Bamford is 150cm wide
height to top of bed slats: 38cm
under-bed clearance: 27cm
height to top of headboard: 113.5cm

You will want plenty of room to accommodate the tall headboard but other than the height, these beds do not have a large footprint; the mattress sits on top of the frame, rather than within it so the width of the bed is the same as the width of the mattress – perfect if you have a small room with high ceilings.

The Hathersage in solid cherry wood.

There is only one difference between the two bed bases and that is the headboard panel- the Bamford headboard is made up of four horizontal panels whereas the Hathersage is made with a chevron design, like a chunky, super-sized version of our existing Hoxton bed headboard.
With such a substantial headboard, you are going to see plenty of the timber whichever option you choose, but I find that the chevron design allows each variation in tone, grain pattern and colour to be presented with real impact. If you choose a timber with a pronounced grain or strong colour such as walnut, cherry or ash, then this effect is magnified even more.

As an example, the subtle changes in colour in the cherry timber used for the Hathersage shown below has allowed one of our woodworkers to create a beautiful, pronounced chevron effect throughout the headboard.

Due to both the base height and the tall headboard, it is possible to pair the larger bedside tables in our range such as the Black Lotus 3 Drawer Shaker Bedside or the Tall Cube Table with the Hathersage and Bamford. If you required more storage, the larger Black Lotus 3 Drawer Shaker Chest wouldn’t look too large when placed next to these beds.

We currently have an ash Bamford bed base on display and everyone who works in our showroom has said how beautiful it is. The four-panel headboard has created an eye-catching, swirling grain pattern that features in each section – it is definitely a base that will make a stunning centrepiece to any bedroom. As of yet we do not have a Hathersage in our showroom, but we’ll let everyone know on our social media when that changes.