Self care can mean something different to everyone, to us it simply means taking time out to look after yourself. Whether that’s cooking your favourite meal, going for a run or switching your phone off for a couple of hours! In this blog I’ll run through some of our favourite self care essential items to help you de-stress and look after yourself when things get a bit overwhelming!


Now, when we’re talking about self care, candles were always going to make an appearance! For me, there is no better feeling than a freshly cleaned room with a scented candle burning, this creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere to read a book, binge watch my favourite show, give myself a manicure etc, with my favourite scent filling the room with gentle ambient lighting from the flickering flame.

A few of our favourites are the Mojo, P.F Candle Co and Meraki scented candles but check out our full range of room scents to find your favourite!

Gentle Natural Toiletries

Another go-to self care activity when feeling stressed or run down is a hot bath or shower. Put your favourite music on, leave your phone in another room and zone out for a little while.

What a better way to treat yourself than with some gentle, natural toiletries, some of our favourites are the Mirins gift sets, Meraki Pure and the Ubiety range

Fresh Bedding

Now, everyone loves climbing into freshly washed bedding, why not take it one step further and invest in something a little more luxurious to ensure ultimate self care, coziness and a better nights sleep.

We love the Organic Cotton Bedding and Finest Sateen Organic Cotton for customers with extra sensitive skin or the 1000 Thread Count Cotton or Linen bedding for those looking for something really special!

Comfy Clothing

When you’re taking some time off for yourself, whether that’s a week, a day or just a couple of hours, its important to be comfy and have a change out of your usual work clothes.

We carry a wide range of Nightwear and Robes, but we also have a lot of lounge wear so comfy you could both nip out to the shop and then sleep in it too! Check out the Jersey Lounge wear Tops & Bottoms, Long Sleeve Jersey Dresses and the Wide Leg Trousers

Everything in this blog and much more can be found on our website for delivery to your home. For more interior design, self care and sleep advice and inspiration, be sure to check out our other blogs and follow us on social media!