Whether you are looking for a bed to fit into an attic room, or are simply wanting to create a more minimal look for your bedroom, we have a range of ultra low beds to choose from.

Lets start with one of the most minimal designs we offer: the Kobe bed. Available both with or without a headboard, the Kobe is the lowest Japanese style bed in our collection. Measuring just 14cm from the floor to the bed slats where the mattress sits, this is the perfect choice if you are looking for a minimalist low bed frame. Without the headboard, the foot-print of the base is the same as the mattress so the frame takes up the least amount of space possible for the size. With inset leg struts, the Kobe looks almost as if it is floating when the bed is dressed. If you like the idea of an ultra low bed but want to see more of the hardwood timber- simply add a headboard.

Where space is not an issue and you are looking for an ultra low bed that allows you to see as much of the timber as possible, take a look at our Oregon bed. Unlike the Kobe, the Oregon has a large footprint. A bed base made to fit a king size (150x200cm) mattress measures 180x230cm overall. The frame around the mattress and the prominent headboard mean that large sections of timber can be seen, even when the bed is dressed. This allows for the full variation in tone and grain pattern of your chosen wood to be a feature and works best with timbers such as cherry, walnut and maple due to the swirling grain and differences in colour.

The Kobe and Oregon show how different ultra low beds can be. If you were interested in a bed that mixes the two styles – simplicity with a larger overall footprint, then the Ki may be the bed for you. At 19.5cm from the floor to the slats, the Ki is taller than the Kobe, but with the frame only adding an extra 15cm to the length and the width it takes up less floor space than the Oregon. The small plinth around the bed and the wide footboard panel ensure that the timber is not obscured by the duvet.

For something more traditional, our Nevada bed mixes an ultra low base with a classic look. With the mattress sitting on top of the frame rather than within it, 17cm to the slats and 55cm from the floor to the top of the headboard, it ticks all the boxes if you are looking for a minimalist design for a small or attic room. If you have the height in the room for it, then the Sonora is worth a look – it has the same base as the Nevada with a taller headboard.

If you want to see our beds in person we currently have a cherry Oregon and Ash Sonora on display in our Sheffield showroom. We are open from 10am-5:30pm Monday-Saturday and would love for you to pay us a visit.