This blog offers an in depth look at our chemical free sprung mattress range. It can be difficult to shop for mattresses at the moment, so the aim of this blog is to offer information on the chemical free range, whilst trying to provide a guide to what the mattresses feel like to lie on. Of course there is no substitute for trying mattresses out in person, however as this is not possible under current restrictions, this blog may be useful as a guide. 

Please bare in mind the general ‘rule’ with mattress comfort is the lighter a person, the softer a mattress they require, likewise a heavier person will need a firmer mattress. This is down to how much ‘give’ a mattress will have in it. For example a lighter person on a very firm mattress wont sink much into the mattress, if at all, so may experience discomfort. Likewise over sinking can cause an equal amount of discomfort, if a heavier person sinks too much into a soft mattress.
Of course, this is all subject to personal preference so shouldn’t necessarily be followed strictly, but, we hope that we can help you find the perfect match and create the perfect comfy bed!

Cotton Filled Sprung Mattresses – The Weldbank Range

The Weldbank chemical-free sprung mattress is very comfortable and supportive, with the added benefit of being chemical free and ecologically friendly. It has handles and vents to all sides, the handles will help you move and turn your mattress and the vents will help keep the mattress cool.

These mattresses do not contain traditional chemical FR treatments – instead the ticking is treated with M-PURE – an ecofriendly, non-toxic, biological treatment from Maes. This natural fire retardant utilises a raw material produced from the dairy industry. With the launch of M-PURE, Maes Mattress Ticking have successfully created a non-chemical FR treatment by using Bio-based ingredients for the compound.

The Benefits of M-PURE:

  • Natural Bio-based raw materials
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmental friendly
  • 100% sustainable
  • Meets EN 597/1 and 2 – BS7177

In order of firmness – running from soft to firm

The Weldbank 1000 – ideal for children, those with lighter body weights or if you prefer a soft mattress.

The Weldbank 2000 – feels much firmer and more supportive due to double the spring count, a medium feel. 

The Weldbank 1400 – 1400 springs but a firmer feel than the 2000 range. The firmest mattress in our sprung mattress range. 

I’ve just tried the above mattresses myself here in the showroom. I’m 5ft 8 and 10 stone, I found the Weldbank 1000 very soft. I sank quite far into this one, it would ideally suit someone of a lighter body weight than myself. Sich as a child, or someone who prefers a soft mattress. 

The Weldbank 2000 I found very comfortable, I’d say it has a medium feel – it’s very supportive, but has a lot of spring to it. 

The Weldbank 1400 is very firm. Much too firm for me personally, it didn’t give much at all when I laid on it. It would be better suited for someone heavier than myself, or someone who likes a very firm mattress. 

Wool Filled Sprung Mattresses – The Westgate Range

The Westgate 2000 mattress range offers the same eco credentials as the above Weldbank range. This range has 2000 springs across all models (with the exception of the 4000 model), the springs are nested in wool and surrounded by a cotton/silk mix. The Westgate 2000 mattress comes in 3 options ’soft’, ‘medium’ and ‘firm’.

The Westgate 2000 soft mattress was too soft for me personally, however not as soft as the Weldbank 1000. You can tell it has more springs than the Weldbank 1000 as it feels more supportive. It would be ideal for someone who prefers a softer mattress or someone lighter than myself. 

The Westgate 2000 medium mattress was very comfortable for me personally. In comparison to the Weldbank 2000 there wasn’t much in it. It felt very slightly firmer than the Weldbank 2000. Ideal for someone of average build, or someone who likes a medium/firm mattress like myself. 

The Westgate 2000 firm mattress is only slightly firmer than the medium option. I found this one comfortable also. Despite being classed as firm, its not as firm as the Weldbank 1400 – as that is considerably firmer than the Westgate 2000 – firm. 

New – The Westgate 4000

The Westgate 4000 mattress has the same eco credentials as the other chemical free sprung mattresses. These pocket sprung mattresses incorporate 1000 (based on a king-size) full size pocket springs and 3000 smaller, body contouring pocket springs for extra comfort. Available as ’zip and link’ for a split tension – perfect couples who prefer different firmness levels. Available as ‘standard’ (medium) or ‘firm’.

Personally, I could tell this mattress had the 3000 body contouring springs. It has a different feel to the others, not necessarily a firmness difference, more a different support level. 

The standard has a similar firmness rating to the Weldbank 2000 mattress in my opinion. I found it very comfortable. In direct comparison I felt the Weldbank 2000 has more bounce. This will be down to laying directly on the larger springs. The Westgate 4000 has the 3000 smaller springs so there’s less give/spring there. 

I found that the firm version is ever so slightly firmer than the Westgate 2000 firm mattress. Like the standard option it also has less ‘bounce’ due to the support given by the 3000 smaller springs. Also a very comfortable mattress, maybe a touch too firm for me personally.

In order of firmness – soft to firm

Weldbank 1000

Westgate 2000 –  Soft

Weldbank 2000

Westgate 2000 – Medium / Westgate 4000 Standard

Westgate 2000 – Firm 

Westgate 4000 Firm

We hope you have found this blog somewhat helpful in navigating the chemical free sprung mattress range we have on offer at Natural Bed Company. Again, please note that choosing a mattress is very personal. What we may describe as firm/medium/soft you may feel slightly different due to your own past experiences and personal preferences!

We hope to be able to open our doors again very soon for appointments in the showroom for you to be able to try mattresses in person again. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or phone!