Lighting can change the whole feel of a room. By choosing a lamp or bedside light to suit your taste, you can update, rearrange or bring a new flavour to your nighttime routine. We love setting the tone of our photos using different lighting, so we thought we’d share some favourites from our range; each designed to suit a variety of styles and tastes.

Modern Vibes

Bedside lighting is more than just a practicality. The addition of a statement piece can really change the feeling of a space, and this can apply to the object itself as well as the light that it casts into the room. Sleek and modern designs such as the Mobile LED Lamp and the Adjustable LED Table Lamp bring both a splash of lighting into your room, but also stand alone as tactile objects; even when the light is off. The Adjustable LED Table Lamp is available in either Black Marble or Solid Black, and is fully positionable. You can place it in your room wherever suits you, and direct the light towards your favourite reading spot.

A huge benefit of the Mobile LED Lamps is exactly what it says on the tin – they’re mobile! These bedside lights are rechargeable, so they don’t always need to be plugged in, making them perfect for small spaces or for switching up the layout of your room whenever you fancy a refresh.

Spotlights have been a firm favourite in lighting for a while now, and they can be used to decorate a space in a variety of different ways. These can pointed on any angle you prefer, including facing directly upwards, creating interest against your walls and a modern, distinctive take on bedside lighting.


Not everyone has the space for big lighting pieces, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style! Bedside lighting options such as the Baton Lights and Bedside Shelf Lamp are small, but practical solutions to lighting up your space.

The Baton Lights are simple, sleek objects that don’t take up any floor space, as they can be placed by your bed or attached to the wall using their unique magnetic mount. This not only allows for positionable lighting in even the smallest bedrooms, but also lends itself to being portable – even if nature calls in the middle of the night, you could take this Baton Light with you rather than dazzling your eyes with the big light!

Another versatile option is the Bedside Shelf Lamp, which – similar to the Baton Lights – can be mounted to the wall and comes with a magnetic shelf, solving lighting and bedside storage solutions in one.

Mindfulness in Miniature

The Book Lights, too, are completely portable, so make a great travel companion if you’re going away and want to make sure you have a light to read by. As bedside lighting goes, these are a lovely, almost magical option – with the light coming on when you open the little book! Because of this, we have found that they are popular with children; making for a sweet nightlight option that creates a soft lighting. These are available in two sizes and come in either Maple or Walnut.

With mindfulness on everyone’s mind, another versatile option that also provides a much-needed dose of calm is the bedside Lights with Diffuser Function. These cute little lights provide a warm glow, perfect for a relaxing bedside atmosphere, whilst also coming complete with an oil burner dish on the top of the light. These can be used to gently warm essential oils, dressing your room with scents to send you to sleep.

Lantern Lighting

A firm favourite that has cropped up again and again in lighting trends over the last few years are lanterns. These are not only stylish options for your bedside lighting, but also bring a sense of timelessness with them, harking back to historical designs.

At Natural Bed Company, we have a range of different lanterns to suit different tastes. The St. Ives Lamp comes as either a rechargeable lamp or bedside light – both of which offer a soft, diffused glow. For a brighter, exposed-bulb look, we also have the Battery Powered Lanterns, which are super portable thanks to being battery-powered and come in two different sizes.

Two new lanterns that have recently been added to our collection are the Marbled Lantern and the Purple Glass Lantern. These are designed to hold LED candles, so can be tailored to whatever level of brightness or colour-tone you wish, depending on the candle you put in them. Thanks to their glass tops, both the Purple Glass Lantern and the Marbled Lantern create fantastic shapes when lit against a wall.

Bedside Lighting For All

With setting the mood for sleep in mind, everyone can benefit from creating a relaxing environment to destress at the end of the day. The addition of bedside lighting in your room can improve your sleep by creating the perfect space for you to unwind. Let us know below if you have any bedtime routines that help you drift off after a busy day!