Having a guest bedroom can be a blessing and a curse. It’s a room for you to style how you like and treat your guests when they come to stay, but we all know guest rooms are prime territory for those odd bits you haven’t quite found a home for. Furthermore, functional storage options that fit your space can provide a space for those odds and ends, whilst keeping your guest bedroom stylish and comfortable when friends and family pop over for a visit! Here are some of our favourite combos for a neat & tidy guest bedroom.

Drawers & Cupboards

Some bits that wind up in that guest room are small and compact, fitting neatly into that bit-of-everything-drawer! However, some pieces require a little more room. Additional large storage can be really handy when it comes to decluttering your space. Maximise the storage in your guest bedroom with these ideas.

Because chests of drawers and cupboards offer the opportunity for large, statement pieces of furniture, they create large storage spaces! Some of our classic options are the cupboards from Ethnicraft. These are contemporary designs made in a range of hardwoods depending on the design. Some more colourful options are the range of lockers from Mustard! These can be used as sideboards, cupboards or even wardrobes.

Dressing Tables & Consoles

Storage is the main use we hear for guest bedrooms from our customers, but a close second is to utilise them a place to get ready. A dressing table or console with drawers is the perfect way to give yourself extra space for getting glammed up before a night out. Also, it could provide a quiet space away from the rest of the house to give yourself a relaxing facial. Having the table space, maybe paired with a nice mirror or shelves for your cosmetics, provides a space for you to get ready, and the addition of drawers allow for that all important extra storage.

We have a few different options when it comes to modern dressing table designs. Almost all of them feature drawers for you to keep your trinkets in!

End of Bed & Under Bed Storage

Another great way to maximise space in your guest bedroom is by turning the bed itself into a storage station! This can be easily done using our range of under-bed drawers, which are available in a range of styles to match our bed bases. Or by a simple addition of an end-of-bed bench, like the super stylish Cube or Spindle benches, you can turn the foot of your bed into a sweet little storage spot.

Often, we also find that guest bedrooms end up as a space for excess clothing that doesn’t really have a home or is out of season, so a clothes rail might be the ideal option if you’re a serial clothes collector!

Small Storage

Maybe you’ve already got your guest bedroom all set up as a storage space, or maybe you’re looking to revamp the whole room, right down to the details. The small options we have for storage are perfect for adding those finishing touches, whilst giving a home to those bits and bobs! Trays, caddies, trolleys and even jars are great small storage options for a room. Plus, you can pick an option that suits your style; a great way to inject your personality into a guest bedroom.

Storage Sharing

We hope this little guide has given you some inspiration for how you can revamp your guest bedroom and make it a storage haven. If you have any of the products mentioned in this article – or any of our products at all! – we’d love to see some pictures on our socials! Our tag is @naturalbedcompany for Instagram & Facebook, and we love seeing how you’ve styled our products in your home.