We love to talk about our beds, specifically the high level of local craftsmanship and the beautiful solid timbers we use! In this blog, I wanted to discuss one of my favourite timber options – Cherry!

As always, our timbers are sourced from sustainably managed Forrests in North American and Scandinavia. This ensures the cycle of growth and harvest can continue for generations to come whilst also providing you with beautifully made solid furniture that will last from our small Sheffield workshop.

Something to keep in mind with all of our timbers is that they will naturally change slightly with age, Cherry in particular will quickly deepen to a lovely warm reddish hue with lighter sections throughout. The solid Cherry wood features a relatively smooth grain with some subtle swirling patterns.

With regards to style, solid Cherry is quiet versatile in that it suits a multitude of designs. See a few of my favourites below…

Traditional Designs

This is the first style that pops into my head – luxurious and timeless! The Cochin bed is a perfect example of one of our gorgeous classic bed designs in the solid Cherry wood, it tapered legs being the main feature pop with this vibrant timber! Match this bed base perfectly with the Cochin bedside tables for a truly elegant feeling space

Loft Style

Not necessarily a style you would expect from such a classic timber, but its rich colour really makes a statement with one of our low or Japanese style beds. The Oregon in particular is a bold shape with a wide skirt, enhanced by the warmth of the solid Cherry! The Oregon Bedside tables are a great match for something on the minimal side

Patterned Looks

Another great feature of the Cherry wood is the natural variations throughout! Some sections are slightly lighter or more swirly, giving a beautiful effect when viewed next to each other! The bed that demonstrates this the best would be the Hathersage, its large chevron headboard making a real feature of the beautiful patterns and tones in this timber. Pair this bed with a Tall Cube Table for a sleek yet sturdy look!

Low Beds

Similar to the loft post above, as Cherry is such a rich colour, it works beautifully for low beds. Allowing even low minimal beds to stand out in a space! I love the Pimlico in the solid Cherry timber, its delicate curved edges enhanced by the warm hues. Paired with the Camden Bedside Tables, you’ll achieve a luxurious yet simple and clean look!

Hopefully, you’ve seen the beauty of the Cherry timber throughout this post and how it can be used to create a variety of styles work in your space!
We currently have Cherry in display in our Sheffield showroom if you would like to book a visit! Alternatively, you can request a free timber sample of any of our wood options below. If you have any further questions about the different timber options or any other aspect of our bed bases, please do not hesitate to get in touch!