Here at Natural Bed Company, we’re always on the look out for more Eco-friendly products and when we found the new Eco Core biodegradable mattresses we were blown away by their credentials.
In this blog i’ll go through what makes these mattresses so unique. Hopefully helping you choose the best mattress for a great nights sleep! Here’s what makes them so special…

Natural and Biodegradable

The Eco core range is 100% biodegradable and made with natural materials. We love that these mattresses give a comfortable and supportive sleep whilst also offering peace of mind knowing that you’re protecting the planet for generations to come! With no springs at its core, this mattress is made of layers natural latex, coconut fibre, cotton and/or wool.

Eco Core

The core of this mattress is made up with a base of organic and sustainable latex. At the centre there is coconut fibre for additional structure and firmness. This section of the mattress is fully natural and biodegradable !
There is very little settlement with this combination of material, meaning a long lasting and ecological answer to sleep.

Your Comfort

These unique mattresses have a couple of different options to tailor the comfort level to your needs. You can order this mattress with either a cool and breathable Cotton layer or a soft and temperature regulating Wool layer.
These mattresses come in the one firmness option (Medium/Firm) but have a firmer side to the reverse if you’d prefer to flip it over for an extra high level of support!

Tailored Finish

The experienced and highly skilled production staff only use the finest fabrics to complete this biodegradable mattress. Handmade in the UK (Yorkshire specifically!) using natural cotton and viscose for the outer surface and handles for a soft and luxurious feel. The Eco Core Biodegradable mattresses are also hand tufted ensuring longevity and comfortable sleeping surface.

I hope this blog has helped shine a light on our new eco-friendly and biodegradable mattresses. Purchasing a mattress can be difficult so we aim to give the most accurate descriptions possible. However, a lot of how we feel comes down to personal preference. We always recommend having a lay down in person before buying!

Please contact us to book a showroom viewing, we have our full range of mattresses on display and ready to try.