Here at Natural Bed Company, we have been using Beech sprung slats for over 30 years, but what kind of base is best for you and your bed? We can fit either style to our full range of handmade wooden bed bases, so the choice is yours! In this post, I’ll go through the benefits of each option to help you make your decision…

Beech Sprung Slats

Lets start with the more popular option – all of our bed bases come with Beech sprung slats as standard and this is what the majority of our customers prefer. These are slightly curved flexible slats made from beech, their shape and pliancy means that they can flex and flatten to your profile when you lay on your mattress. This creates a slightly softer yet supportive base for you to sleep on and can help those with back issues along with also helping improve the lifespan of your mattress by doing some of its work for it!

Single bed bases will have one column of these Beech sprung slats, whereas, anything in a three-quarter size and up will have a centre rail with a column of slats at each side. This allows each person to have separate support without rolling into each other or disturbing one another throughout the night! They easily attach to the bed frame with plastic end caps – so no tools required for this step!

The main disadvantage to these slats are that there is a limit to the bedside that these can be used on. A UK Super-King (180x200cm) being the maximum, so if you require a bed base larger than this, solid Pine slats will be required…

Solid Pine Slats

So as mentioned, Solid Pine slats are great for bed bases over 180cm in width, but the benefits of this base doesn’t stop there. As they are flat and rigid, they do not flex under your body weight so provide a much firmer base for those who prefer that feel. These slats also are recommended for those with en-suite bathrooms or that live in more humid climates, as they aren’t affected by the additional moisture in the air. The beech slats can sometimes lose their shape slightly.

The Solid Pine slats span the full width of the bed base and attach with small metal screws, so an electric screwdriver is recommended (although not essential) to make the attachment process as quick as possible!

As these slats aren’t used as often, they aren’t ordered in bulk and therefore come with an additional cost. The price will depend on the size of your bed base. So if you think these may be right for you, get in touch for an official quote!

At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference and your individual needs! It is also worth noting that some mattress manufacturers may specify a certain type of slat to be used in their warranty – so definitely double check this!

If you have any further questions on the slats or any other aspect of our bed bases, please do not hesitate to get in touch!