In case you didn’t already know, Natural Bed Company is based in Sheffield, UK. One thing that us Brits are known for is complaining about the weather! It isn’t our fault, we’re just not used to the sun! And it is well and truly here at the moment, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees celsius over the last few weeks. With this in mind, take a look at our favourite ways to keep cool below…

Cool Showers

Everyone loves a relaxing shower, and in this heat, make sure you turn the temperature down to help wash away that long day in the sun. Having a cool shower not only helps you to feel refreshed, but it can also help to lower your body temperature to help you keep cool for longer.

To complement your cold showers, why not take a look at our range of body care and shower products? Our favourites when it’s warm are the body washes and lotions from Chalk & Meraki – these are super moisturising to help your skin recover after sunbathing. Meraki also offer a range of suncreams to help keep your skin protected. Read more on this in our recent skincare blog!

Cool Fans

I don’t know about you, but one way I like to keep cool is having my fan permanently on! Placing a bag of ice in front of your fan is a tried and tested method of blowing cool air into any room. Think of this as a make-shift air con unit! Adding a few drops of essential oil to your ice cubes can also make for a welcome scent whilst you cool off. Opt for refreshing scents such as citrus or soft scents such as vanilla for a comfortable atmosphere. You can also pair your fan with one of our lovely room scents for an easy way to achieve this.

If you are trying this method, please use caution when placing ice bags near electrical items!

Cool Loungewear

When it’s hot, anything that’s tight-fitting or thick material goes out of the window. You need something that’s barely there so you can keep cool as a cucumber whilst still feeling covered up. We have a range of nightwear and loungewear that’s perfect for when you want something just to throw on during hot summer nights.

My favourites are the lightweight dressing gowns and kimono robes. These guys are made from super thin fabric and the robes offer a light and floaty fit, perfect for drifting into the garden with an ice cold drink.

Changing up your bedding in summer is a great way to help you keep cool. Linen bedding is the best choice for this as it is super breathable and temperature regulating. You could also opt for replacing your duvet with a lightweight bedspread for a simple summer switch.

Cool You

We really hope these tips will help you to keep cool during the summer months. It can get pretty muggy here in the UK, and we encourage everyone to do what they can to keep cool and always stay hydrated! Have a bottle of water with you when you go out so you don’t go thirsty. 

All the tips in this blog are simple ways you can beat the heat this summer, but please note that these are only our suggestions. If you feel unwell or have any pre-existing health conditions, please contact a doctor before heading out in the sun.