At Natural Bed Company, we stock a wide range of options for your bedding. Whether you’re looking for luxurious linen, super soft cotton or organic materials, we have a lot to offer. We’ve recently added a new option to our range; the Egyptian Cotton Bedding collection. We thought we’d take a look at the finer details of this new bedding. Find out all about it below…

Egyptian Cotton

The difference between Egyptian cotton and regular cotton comes down to its point of origin. Egyptian cotton is made from plants grown from plants native to Egypt. In terms of the production, Egyptian cotton is also hand-picked, whereas regular cotton is machine picked. This allows the cotton to achieve a softer, more luxurious feel. More stress is placed on the cotton when it is machine-picked, which can result in a coarser feel.

Egyptian cotton also shouldn’t pill, and is naturally more durable. Therefore, it should last longer than regular cotton and maintain its lush feel.

This collection is made from Egyptian cotton percale. Percale refers to how the cotton has been woven. It’s specific composition creates a very tight weave, which helps to prevent dust mites from passing through, but still allows air flow to help keep you cool.

“Percale is a simple weave that is formed by passing weft threads (which run horizontally) over warp threads (running vertically).”

Kate, Homescapes Online

Colour & Care

This Egyptian cotton bedding collection is available in a range of neutral colours to suit your space. It is available in pure, crisp white, soft grey and a light sandstone. Therefore, the range allows you to bring your own flair by accessorising with colourful throws or cushions. Alternatively, you can layer more neutrals for a cohesive, calming scheme.

The care instructions on this product recommend that you wash the bedding before use. They also advise that you wash at 40 degrees, and the items can be tumble-dried on a medium heat. They also can be ironed, but not dry cleaned.

As an added bonus, this range has an Oeko-Tex certification on this Egyptian cotton bedding. Meaning, in short, that it is a sustainable purchase and has been produced with the environment in mind. We have a whole range of organic and sustainable products that would compliment this range perfectly. You can find them all here on our website.