Questions around beds, mattresses and sizing crop up often here at Natural Bed Company! We work to modern, metric sizing, but what if you have a mattress made in traditional (imperial) sizing? Likewise, what if you need a Euro-King or US size bed? Well, we’ve compiled a list of questions and answers to help bust some myths and hopefully answer some of our frequently-asked-questions.

UK Standard Sizing – Modern vs. Traditional

The standard UK sizing structure shifted with the change from imperial to metric measurements. We work to metric measurements at NBC. For that reason, all measurements we give – or accept – for custom designs, are in centimetres. We use this as it is more accurate than imperial measurements (feet & inches).

UK Standard SizesTraditional Sizing Modern Sizing
Small Single73x190cm75x190cm
Three-Quarter / Small Double122x190cm120x190cm

As the table above illustrates, the difference between the traditional UK sizing and modern UK sizing is minimal. However, if you’re looking for a handmade bed, you want it to be just right. Because of this, we recommend getting in touch if you have any questions regarding your particular mattress; we may be able to make adjustments if needed.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that you may like to purchase a different mattress in the future. Most manufacturers now work to the modern metric system. Meaning, if you have a bed made to the traditional sizes, a new mattress may not fit as well as the old one. Again, if you have any questions around this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Below, we explore the answers to a few of our most commonly asked questions regarding beds and mattress sizing.

Bed & Mattress Sizing

Can we make custom sizes?
Yes, we can make our bed bases to custom sizes, along with a number of our foam mattresses. However, our sprung mattresses are only available in standard mattress sizing. If there is a custom size that you’re looking for, please let us know – we’d be happy to enquire!

What if I already have a mattress that is made to traditional sizing?
We can alter our bed bases to suit existing mattress sizes. This also includes traditional UK sizes. The only thing we’d ask that you bear in mind is that if you were to buy a metric-sized mattress in the future, it may not sit as snugly on the bed base.

Can all beds be made to custom sizes?
The majority of our bed bases can be made to custom sizes. However, there are limitations on how long or wide some of them can be made. For example, we cannot make an American King Size (193x202cm) Hoxton or Oregon bed, due to their construction. Contact us if there’s a bed that you’d like making to a custom size.

Are all your mattresses made to modern UK sizes?
Most of our mattresses are made to modern UK sizes as standard. Our Rolled Sprung Mattress and Memory Foam Mattress are exceptions to this, as they are still made to traditional imperial sizes (above). However, as mentioned on the product pages, if you’re considering a bed for these mattresses, we are happy to alter our beds to fit.

Mattresses – Dimensions

What slats are best for my mattress?
As discussed above, we can change the bed slats depending on your mattress, but also your preference. Solid pine slats offer a firmer feel for your mattress, whereas our standard beech sprung slats give a more flexible, bouncy feel. Because they are not available as standard and need to be cut to size, there is an additional charge for solid pine slats. The price for these changes depending on the size of bed you’d like. Please get in touch with us for prices.

You can also read more about slats on our blog post – Beech Sprung Slats vs. Solid Pine.

What about the height of the mattress?
The height/depth of your mattress can sometimes alter the way your bed looks. For example, if you placed a particularly deep mattress on a bed with a small headboard, the mattress may cover the headboard. In this instance, we ask that customers let us know if they’re considering a deep mattress (approx. 25cm and above) and we can discuss if any alterations are needed. This is particularly apparent on our upholstered beds, as the headboards protrude further than wooden headboards.

What about the weight of the mattress?
The weight of your mattress can mean that additional reinforcements are needed for your bed. This is not a usual request, but we have a number of recommendations for particularly heavy mattresses. Specifically, these consist of solid pine slats, additional centre rails or additional support legs. The weight of the mattress would determine how many (if any) of these are necessary.

Mattresses – Details

What mattress would you recommend for me?
Mattresses are designed to provide a comfortable sleep. Because comfort comes down to personal preference, we don’t make recommendations on mattresses on an individual basis. We provide descriptions of the mattresses based on the manufacturers’ classifications, but only to illustrate them to you. We also advise wherever possible to try out the mattress you’re considering before purchasing.

Do you offer a trial period on the mattresses?
Unfortunately, unlike other companies, we don’t offer a trial period. As we don’t have the ability to sell mattresses on once they been used, and we can’t recycle the mattresses, they would just go to waste if they were to be slept on before returning. We ask that any mattresses are returned unopened in their original packaging, unless of course there is a fault.

Are foam mattresses hot?
Foam mattresses are often assumed to be very warm to sleep on. Traditionally, memory foam mattresses were quite warm, because of their original composition. However, modern foam mattress technology means that this is not so much of an issue anymore. Also, rather than memory foam, most of our mattresses are made up of polymer foam.

Do you have chemical free mattresses?
Yes, we have a range of Organic & Chemical Free mattresses, available in either 3000 or 1500 spring counts. We also have a range of mattresses; Westgate and Weldbank, which are treated with a bio-based FR (fire retardancy). Aside from this, they receive no further treatment.

Where are your mattresses made?
The majority of our mattresses are made in the UK, with the exceptions being a number of our foam mattresses. Specifically, the Optimal Support, Waterlattex, Memotouch, Moon Firm/Medium and Relaxsan mattresses are all made by our manufacturers based in Italy.

Mattresses – Delivery

Can I have a mattress delivered outside of the UK?
Unfortunately, we cannot deliver our mattresses outside of mainland UK. This is due to restrictions on then inspecting the mattresses, if there was to be a problem.

How are the mattresses delivered?
All our foam mattresses are delivered rolled and vacuum packed as standard. We have one Sprung Mattress that is delivered rolled and vacuum packed, but all our other sprung mattresses are delivered flat. As a result, we ask that you keep this in mind if ordering for a house with a narrow staircase or attic room.

What is the cost of delivery?
Delivery is included with our prices for all our products, within mainland UK. For local* orders, we will fulfil delivery ourselves. For the rest of the UK, delivery is fulfilled using a two-man service via our national couriers.

We also ship beds and some furniture items internationally. Please contact us if you are interested in shipping beds or furniture overseas.

(*We are based in sunny Sheffield, UK!)

Mattress Returns Policy

As we are a small, independent business, we cannot accept returns on mattresses that have been slept on unless there is a fault. As such, we encourage you to try out the mattresses before purchasing where possible. Any mattresses for return must also be in their original packaging, unless there is a fault.

Please also see our Terms & Conditions for further information on returning mattresses.