Here at Natural Bed Company, we like to keep things fresh. Our brand new Leith solid wood bed base is a modern spin on our ever-popular Shetland. But now with a stylish wooden headboard. Designed by our very own director, the Leith is sure to add our trademark flair to any bedroom. Read on to find out more about this new classic!

The Headboard

One of the most striking features of this solid wood bed base is its headboard. Made up of a solid wood panel, elegantly framed in the same timber to draw attention and focus to the head end. Our expert craftsmen have designed this frame with a shadow line detail to highlight the natural grain of the beautiful timbers we use. You can find out about all our timbers here.

The frame of the headboard runs all the way around the base of the bed, forming the legs, too. Consequently, this bed base has a satisfying, polygonal structure that is sturdy and solid, whilst also remaining elegant and proud.

The headboard is approx. 9.5cm deep, and gives the bed base a striking, geometric look. Gently softened by the use of natural timbers, this pairs the modern with the rustic in true Scandi-style.

The Legs

The Leith features stylish box-frame legs to match its headboard. Designed to mirror the headboard, the foot-end legs boast a shadow box frame with a wood panel inset. Not only does this bring a sense of style and elegance to the legs, but also carries the cuboid look of the bed through every component.

The legs of the Leith are raised very slightly on small feet. Because of this, the straight lines of its legs are less likely to be lost if you have a carpeted room. Also, the feet mean that the legs are less likely to rock on potentially uneven floors.

A relatively low bed, the Leith stands at 31cm to the top of the bed slats, with an under-bed clearance of 19cm. If you’re considering storage drawers to go with the Leith, we would recommend our Kyoto under-bed drawers. If you are looking for a bedside table to suit this bed, we recommend the original size Cube Table.

The Structure

As always, our beds are designed for easy self-assembly. We recommend that putting up the Leith is a two-person job. Though very simple and easy to put up, this bed features a heavy headboard and that would need to be supported whilst you’re getting the other pieces in place. You can find the assembly instructions for our beds here. The Leith is part of our Nevada collection.

We recommend attaching the side rails to the foot-rail first, before attaching the whole section to the headboard frame. As such, you can lean the headboard against the wall until you’re ready to attach it.

We hope you love our new Leith solid wood bed base as much as we do. Looking for some style inspiration for your modern bedroom? Why not check out our Pinterest boards to see how we’d bring them to life.