A fantastic way to beat those January blues is to look ahead to more exciting times. What better way than to start thinking of ways to treat your partner – or yourself – for valentines day! Whether you’re celebrating valentines, galentines or just treating yourself to a nice evening in, here are our favourite picks for valentines day gift ideas 2023.


The classic present and a fantastic mood-setter, candles are a lovely, romantic gift. Easy to pop in place and create instant atmosphere, see if you can get your chosen recipient to tell you their favourite scent without giving anything away… Then surprise them with a candle inspired by it! Some traditional romantic scents are florals. Take a look at the Mojo candles; available in a whole range of scents including fig & rose or white cotton & lily. The new Sevin candles are also available in two gorgeously modern scents and have beautifully unique shapes. Or, why not treat them to a luxurious Bath House Candle, designed to evoke memories through fragrance and create a feeling of nostalgia.


Baths are a wonderful thing. We all know this. If your chosen valentine is a bath-lover, you could treat them to a new selection of luxurious bath time gifts. Take a look at the Bath House bath foams, available in two heady scents and beautifully soft on the skin. Or, check out the Aery Relaxing Bath Salts. These come in two herbal, floral scents and make for a wonderfully rejuvenating bath. Pair either of these with a candle and some fizz to make a special Valentine’s Day treat for your partner, yourself (or both!) to enjoy.

There’s also a sensual selection of luxury bath products from London-based brand, Sevin. From hair oils to body lotions, find the whole collection here.


A lovely way to indulge in some self care or to make your loved one feel special is with a brand new pair of PJs. Opt for something a little more lavish than they might normally buy themselves and think about what they like. Maybe it’s the feel of the fabric – take look at the luxuriously soft PJs in cosy pure cotton. Or maybe it’s the sustainability element, such as this pure organic linen robe in charcoal or white. If they’re a warm sleeper, the new Red Floral Pyjamas are a brilliant choice. Lightweight and airy, these PJs also boast a bold red design – perfect for valentines day!

You could also upgrade your gift with something to match or compliment. Take a look our collection of robes to create a matching set, or our range of slippers and socks to keep your valentine toasty warm.


Another way to make your valentine feel pampered is with something new for the home. Maybe they’ve had their eye on the perfect ornament or lamp for the living room. Or, maybe they love gadgets and music. The Mini Bluetooth Speakers are a cute, easy gift – you could surprise them with a gift playing their favourite song! Or, why not buy a whole new bedding set for your bed? The feeling of fresh sheets is one that can’t be beat. Go for the ultimate luxury with a beautiful Pink Linen Bedding set, or slide into 600 Thread Count cotton.

Alongside these, why not grab a set of the gorgeously luxe Smoke-Coloured Champagne Glasses. Chic and modern for effortless romantic vibes.

Setting the Mood

Of course, gifts of all kinds are a wonderful way to show appreciation and love for someone. But the real treat is how it’s given. Make the effort to give a gift alongside a homemade meal or specially crafted playlist, or plan an evening of their favourite movies. Chances are, your loved one will appreciate this even more!

For even more valentines day gift ideas, take a look at our Pinterest page, or find our whole range of gifts and accessories just here.