Sitting hand in hand with a rising emphasis on sustainability is a renewed focus on veganism. Defined as the practice of moving away from animal products, many choose to go vegan in order to be cruelty-free or improve their health. But veganism not only applies to food, but also to our use of materials. This year, we’ve introduced a new vegan, faux leather upholstery option; allowing you to create a fully vegan, upholstered bed base. Our classic timber beds are also vegan, but this is the first fully vegan upholstery option we’ve been able to offer.


This new upholstery option comes in the form of the new faux leather fabric, Vaquero from our long-time suppliers, Warwick. Crafted from 100% polyester, this fabric contains no animal products in its composition. Furthermore, Warwick oversee production of all the process involved in making this fabric, ensuring no animal products are used at any stage; making it a purely vegan option.

Choose Your Headboard

Not only is Vaquero our first vegan upholstery option, but it’s also the first fabric we’ve had pictured in all our upholstery finishes. You can choose to have your headboard with traditional buttons, or a modern central seam. Pictured below, you can see Vaquero Aniline in the buttoned headboard option, and the Vaquero Saddle with a central seam. We think either looks sleek and stylish in this new faux leather, and you can choose your favourite to suit your space.

You can find all the colours available in Vaquero range just here on our suppliers’ website.


All our timbers are sourced from certified sustainable sources. We only work with sustainably-managed forests based in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, USA & Canada. If you’re looking to invest in the vegan faux leather upholstery, you want to make sure that the rest of your bed is vegan, too. We do use glue in the creation of our bed bases, which our supplier has confirmed does not contain any animal products.

We also offer the option of either a low-VOC lacquer finish, or a zero-VOC oil finish. These are chemical treatments, but the oil finish boasts a base of linseed, carnauba, and beeswax. Plus, the pigment is also derived from plants! Both the lacquer and oil treatments seal and protect the timbers. The lacquer brings out the natural tones of the woods, where the oil is slightly tinted to enhance the timbers. We can also supply any of our bed bases just sanded (unfinished/untreated) if you would prefer to finish them yourself.

Bed Slats

With regards to the bed slats, we’d recommend opting for our solid pine slats over the standard beech sprung slats if you’re looking to create a fully vegan bed. These no only offer a firmer feel for your mattress, but they don’t use any glue in their composition. You can also read more about the differences in our slat options just here.

Changing your eating habits is a great way to make a difference. But, turning to better quality, more sustainable materials can also make a big difference to our planet. We think both are a great place to start!