With the sunny season well and truly on the way, we thought we’d go through some of our Summer essentials for keeping cool and comfortable in this hot weather! Alongside all the obvious suggestions like keeping hydrated and staying in the shade, there are a few extra considerations to keep cool…

Summer essentials for your room:

chargeable desk top fan with light


A classic summer staple, but most people are in need of a serious upgrade! We’re loving the new Modern Desk Fan as a two in one fan and lamp. Easily controllable with its magnetic remote, the fan is also rechargeable so can be placed anywhere without being restricted by cords!
Perfect for on your desk during the day and your bedside table by night.

Lighter Duvet

If, like me, you need the weight of a duvet to fall asleep, you might want to consider investing in a lighter tog for the summer months. The Wild Silk filled Duvet in the summer weight (2-4 tog) is a great option for those who are sensitive to their surroundings. Silk is very temperature and moisture balancing and particularly effective at cooling when temperatures are high – which is why silk worms protect themselves from the humid, tropical climate of Asia by wrapping themselves in silk threads!

organic wool filled duvet

Breathable Bedding

Linen is always our go-to when the weather warms up. It’s naturally heat-regulating qualities make it feel pleasantly cool on a hot day. Linen bedding also creates a look that is stylish and sophisticated, but also relaxed. So no need to spend summer mornings making your bed perfectly – the un-done look suits this bedding!

Available in a range of colours from neutrals like Slate, Ecru or Stone, to more colourful looks like Green, Pink and Sage.

Summer essentials for you:

organic SPF 30 water resistant sun protection face cream


Of course, we all want a glowing tan, but its very important to protect your skin from harmful UVA rays. The Meraki Sun Care Face Cream is super lightweight and water resistant, making it perfect for daily applicationh! The Meraki Sun Care Set is a good choice for all-over skin protection and as a way to sooth and moisturise your skin after a long day spent in the sun.

For a full run down check out our Summertime Skincare blog post!

Cool showers

Cool showers are a great way to refresh after a hot and sticky day. They help to lower your body temperature to help you keep cooler for longer.

We love using a light and lightly scented body wash to rinse away the day and freshen up. Our favourite’s at the moment are the Sevin luxury Body Wash and Lotion – also available in mini form, perfect for your summer holiday!

Sevin natural and Paraben-free bathroom toiletries including body wash and body lotion.
organic linen kimono dressing gown in beige with ivory stripes

Lightweight Loungewear

We have a range of nightwear and loungewear that’s perfect for when you want something just to throw on during hot summer nights.

The ideal choice would be something made from natural fibres, Linen being our first choice as mentioned above! Check out the Pure Linen Pyjamas in Pink or White, or the Lounge dresses in Mid or Maxi length for extra breathability!

I hope this post has been helpful and you have discovered some new summer essentials! All of the above items can be found online or in our Sheffield Showroom.
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