We love this season. If you’ve spent a bit of time on the website, you’ll have surely found a whole range of cosy bedding and colours to match the time of year. With this in mind, we thought we’d share one of our favourite new bedding sets along with some inspiration on how to style one of our most sought after beds, the Kelham Four Poster, to create that autumn aesthetic.

The Bed

Our Kelham Four Poster bed is a real statement piece. With a unique chevron design to the headboard, framed by our signature chunky four poster look, it’s a knockout. In these images, the Kelham is made in solid cherry; sourced from eastern coastal forests of USA and Canada. Cherry is a varied timber that deepens to a gorgeous red as it ages. We think it’s natural rusty tones complement the greens in this look just beautifully; perfect for this autumn aesthetic!

The Bedding

The main highlight of this look is our luxe new Dark Green Woodland Duvet Set. A whimsical design with dark undertones, this set is deep, dark and cosy. Dotted all over with a pattern of autumn leaves and woodland creatures, including foxes, owls and hares. The set also features a solid olive green to the reverse.

To enhance the colours in this duvet set, we’ve paired two throws in complementary colours; the Cosy Olive Green Fleecy Throw and a Faux Fur Throw in the shade Burnt Orange. The olive green fleece offsets the duvet set’s pattern by continuing the colour scheme, but providing a variation in texture and fabric. Then, the burnt orange faux fur brings out the orangey foxes on the duvet set, as well as the natural red tones in the bed’s cherry timber.

The Furniture

At Natural Bed Co, we like to keep our designs modern, clean and classy – even when we’re using traditional themes and an autumn aesthetic such as this. In this look, we’ve paired contemporary furniture pieces with clean lines and dark tones. These enhance the angled lines of the four poster, whilst offsetting the organic design of the duvet set and loose shapes of the bedding.

The main pieces are the Fera Console Table and Ethnicraft Graphic Dresser. The console table stands to the right of the bed, and is in a deep slate grey. The Graphic Dresser stands to the far left of the bed, and boasts an ├╝ber modern look, thanks to its geometric carved front. Smaller furniture items in the form of the Roller Mahogany Table and Sled Based Armchair have also been used to add convenience and style. The Roller Table acts as a bedside with built in storage (see page for details). Furthermore, the chair is in a similar dark grey tone, and provides a cosy space for reading or relaxing.

The Accessories

It’s all in the details! If you’re looking to add that finishing touch to a room, accessories allow you to add your own flair. To carry on the colour scheme and feel of this look, we’ve added a range of small pieces to the bed and surrounding furniture to bring round off the design. A modern LED Task Lamp in white stands on the bedside table to the left of the bed, and a Large Light Up Star stands to the right. Next, we’ve placed a luxe Round Oak Tray (large) on the bed to host a small collection of goodies.

The mini accessories on the bed are the Cahm Reed Diffuser with bunny tails in the scent Citrus Musk & Patchouli. We’ve also added a miniature Meraki candle in a matching green glass jar. This candle is in the scent ‘Earthbound’ to truly complement the whole feel of this look! The final accessories, of course, are a couple of plants on the tray and the dresser to the left.

We hope this little get the look blog has left you feeling cosy! This is the perfect excuse to create your own autumn aesthetic – be sure to go walking in the woods or grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte for motivation… But if you’re sticking around, you can also take a look at our full range of bedding just here. Or, for more interior inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest page.