We offer a varied range of designs here at Natural Bed Company. As you will see from looking through our collection of beds, some of them do have similarities to one another! In this blog, I will take you through two of our most popular classic bed collections, addressing their similarities and differences…

Camden Collection

One of our newest collections, the Camden range is currently comprised of eight bed bases. The main, unifying feature in this design is the curved mid-century style legs and softened edges.

  • The first design in this collection is, of course, the Camden. It features a bold headboard panel, which displays the chosen timber beautifully. Its height to the top of the side rails is approx. 38.5cm, with its overall height to the top of the headboard legs being 103cm.
  • The Hoxton has the exact same dimensions at the Camden, with its only differing feature being the chevron pattern on the headboard panel. The chevron brings out the varying tones and grain in the timber, as our workshop pick the most contrasting pieces to make the pattern.
  • For those interested in a lower bed, the Carnaby has the same headboard panel size as the Camden. However, its height to the top of the side rails is 26cm (12cm less than the Camden/Hoxton), and its overall height is 91cm.
  • The Pimlico has the same base dimensions as the Carnaby, with a headboard panel that is approx. 13cm shorter. Its overall height to the top of the headboard legs is 77.5cm, making it the most ideal in the collection for low spaces.
  • If you love the curved look of this collection, but would prefer an upholstered option, check out the Bloomsbury. Although its main difference is the upholstery, another differing feature is that its headboard legs are on the back of the panel instead of to the sides. Its base dimensions are the same as the Camden/Hoxton. Its larger headboard also brings the total height of this bed to approx. 110cm.

New additions to our Camden Collection

Based on some recent customisation requests from customers, we decided to add the following designs to our collection:

  • The Chiswick has the same base design and dimensions (to the top of the side rails) as the Bloomsbury, Camden and Hoxton. Its headboard dimensions and composition are exactly the same as the Bloomsbury’s, with its only difference being that the headboard panel is solid wood instead of upholstery.
  • The next of our new additions is the Highbury. Its design and dimensions are identical to that of the Chiswick – the only difference is the chevron patterning on its headboard panel.
  • Finally, we have the minimal Camden – Without Headboard. Again, this has the same height and leg composition of the rest of our Camden collection – it just doesn’t have a headboard! Its head-end and foot-end rails are identical.

Four Poster Collection

A longtime range in our classic bed designs is our collection of four posters, which is comprised of seven bed bases…

  • Firstly, we have the Orchid, which is the blueprint for many of our other four posters seen on this list. Featuring a plain headboard and simple, clean lines, the overall height of this frame is 196cm. This bed is also available in a black oak stain. If you love the look of the Orchid but would prefer an upholstered panel, check out the Highland.
  • The second on our list is the Kelham. It’s almost exactly the same as the Orchid – it’s only differing feature is its chevron patterned headboard!
  • Inspired by traditional Indian wood carving, we next have the Rajasthan. This is the tallest of our four posters, standing at a total height 214cm.
  • If you prefer the feel of a low bed but would still like a four poster, check out the Cube. It’s only 14.5cm to the bed slats and 83cm to the top of the headboard panel. Its total height is 195cm.
  • Interested in a more unique look? Take a look at the Hatfield. This striking bed features four tapered posts, with the exclusion the beams you would expect to find on most four posters! Its our second tallest frame, standing at 213cm to the top of its posts.
  • Last but not least in our classic bed collection, we have another modern take on the four poster – the Oasis. This bed features four posts and only two connecting beams at both ends of the bed. The posts and beam at its foot-end are shorter than those at the head-end. This bed stands at a total height of 196cm.

We hope you found this blog on our most popular classic bed collections helpful. You can see our full range of classic bed bases here on our website. For more interior design inspiration, check out our Pinterest
Please note: all measurements are subject to a 2cm manufacturers tolerance as is standard for this industry.
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