We don’t know about you, but January is in full swing here in Sheffield! With snow forecasts on the horizon and those dreaded January blues lingering, there’s nothing better to help cheer you up than feeling cosy when you get home. And to help with that, we thought we’d share our warmest winter bedding options. From duvets to throws, we hope you’ll find your new favourite to cosy up with!


The duvets are out in full force this time of year. We’ve had them on our beds for the last few months, but if you’re looking for extra warmth during this cold snap, our warmest options are the feather & down or wool duvet options.

Available in up to 13.5 tog, the Down Duvets are super warm and cosy. The heavy weight tog helps prevent draughts, and the soft, durable cotton cambric covers help to prevent the feathers poking through the weave. Duvets with high down content are the warmest, as the down feathers are the most insulating and best at keeping the heat in. Opt for the high percentage down options for the warmest possible combination. Choose from White Duck Down, Luxury White Goose Down or treat yourself to the Luxury Canadian or Hungarian Goose Down!

Our Wool Duvets are another good option for keeping you warm and cosy. Similar to the down duvets, our wool duvets come in two different weights. The heavier of the two (600gsm) is equivalent to 8-14 tog. Wool is a fantastic material for sleeping, as it is naturally temperature regulating – helping to keep you warm in winter and also cooler in summer!

Top off your new duvet with a Brushed Cotton duvet set – also ideal for keeping you warm in winter. Brushed cotton has a super soft feel and is heavier than normal cotton, perfect for hunkering down on a cold night.


My personal solution to the cold winter nights, bedspreads have to be mentioned amongst our warmest winter bedding. In particular, the Luxury Faux Fur Bedspreads are ideal this time of year. With a deep, plush faux fur pile, these throws are designed to look as realistic as possible. They also have a faux suede backing so they’re just as cosy on the reverse!

Other good options for heavyweight bedspreads include our range of quilted bedspreads. The Velvet Diamond Patterned Quilted Bedspread is ideal because the velvet facing gives it a plush, indulgent look, but also adds weight and interest. Also, the new Velvet Reversible Bedspreads boast a similar heavy weight, but with a linen style backing and a more traditional look. These are available in Olive or Hazelnut.

If velvet isn’t your thing, the extra-large Cotton Quilted Bedspreads are another good option – they also feature a padded feel thanks to their inner filling – fab for keeping the heat in.


Though throws are traditionally lighter in weight, some materials are better than others at keeping you warm and insulated. Our range of wool throws, for example, are perfect for snuggling under on the sofa. Available in a whole range of colours and patterns, you can find them all just here.

The Faux Sheepskin Throws are another great option, as are the Luxury Frosted Faux Fur Throws – these are a firm customer favourite this time of year, keeping you warm and looking great, too! You can also find all our throws just here on the website.

We hope this article has given you some ideas for keeping warm as we work through January and this current cold snap. We’d recommend topping things off with a hot water bottle and a cup of hot chocolate. Throw on your favourite feel-good movie for a cosy night in and let those January blues sail away.

If you’re looking for interior design inspiration, or for winter bedroom ideas, take a look at our Pinterest boards for heaps of ideas.