The ‘boho chic‘ look is a great choice if you want to add personality and individuality to your bedroom, so take a look at our blog for tips on how to create your own romantic haven…

Is it because we are approaching Valentines Day that I’m in the mood to create a romantic, bohemian bedroom look? Maybe it’s all the fabulous images on Pinterest of cosy interiors with a laid-back boho style?

Whatever the reason I can’t deny that the ‘boho chic‘ is a great style choice if you want to add personality and individuality to your bedroom; take a look at our blog for tips on how to create your own dreamy haven…

Find a bed the perfect bed

Boho style can work with a range of bed styles, but my favourite is a four-poster – the ultimate romantic bed allows you to create a cosy, private space within the bedroom. Dress your four-poster with a canopy: a beautiful embroidered panel will add opulence, pattern and colour. For an oriental exotic touch use a length of saree fabric. Drape layers of translucent voile for a soft romantic look and try adding low energy fairy lights. Strung over the upper frame of the 4-poster with the draped voile they will give a magical, warm glow.

Take a look at our Cube, Orchid and Raj 4 poster beds. The Cube bed in ash or oak is perfect for a modern or rustic take on the look. The Zebrano Cube shown above is a rather more exotic version, its unusual, vibrant timber suggestive of luxurious locations in far-away places.

The Orchid and Oasis four posters will suit a range of styles including a more classic pared down take on ‘boho’. The Rajasthan is a stunning 4 poster inspired by travels in India – what could be better for an exotic, bohemian scheme?

Boho chic is not a ‘less is more’ look! Don’t be afraid to mix textures, pattern and decorative touches. An exotic bed with tall posts or carved details makes the perfect focus for a boho bedroom. If you don’t have the ceiling height for a four-poster try our Mandalay or Samarkand beds, the carved details to the headboard and legs reminiscent of Indian design motifs.

Dress your bed with unusual and decorative bedding

There are many style options within the ‘boho’ look – if you prefer something simpler and more, modern select just one or two muted colours for your palette and stick to them. If you are looking for a bolder, more romantic take layers of patterned bedding in rich or bright jewel colours is the way to go!

A luxury boho bedroom may incorporate an embroidered duvet cover or rumpled linen bedding. Add a quilted bedspread and a textured wool throw. If you are going for a subtle take on the style, mix a washed linen duvet set in white or dove grey with a textured bedspread and fringed throw.

A fresh, countryside inspired boho style will be more likely to include brightly coloured patchwork bedding. Do take a look at our Kalamkari or Wysteria patchwork duvet sets.  The reversible Eden quilts are another good option with large, bright floral patterns to one side, and small pattern to the reverse in a complementary colour.

Our pretty embroidered quilts – blue kantha and blue fleur are perfect for a cool, dreamy look. Pile on a variety of cushions – they don’t need to match – for a cosy feel. For a bright and bold look, check out the Velvet Reversible Quilt in Tumeric Yellow, it gives a cosy feel whilst still providing a pop of vibrant colour.

Retro light-bulbs and vintage lamps are also a simple and inexpensive way to create the right atmosphere. Just add a collection of candles on a vintage plate (or in lanterns) to your bedside table, along with a vase of fresh flowers and a pile of second-hand books to complete the look.

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