At Natural Bed Company we pride ourselves on using only the best materials for our solid wood bed bases. When looking at the range on our website, or in our Sheffield store, the range of hardwood timbers on offer may cause you to miss the wide variety of pine options. Pine offers great value, and is often the preferred choice for a spare bedroom or child’s bed. Here we offer solid pine beds mixed with the contemporary style credentials inherent in our designs.

Pine is an incredibly versatile timber, we make our solid pine beds available to order in a sanded finish, or in a variety of lacquers and stains. Pine is well worth taking a closer look at, and not just if you wish to stick to a budget. We have many customers looking for a natural, slightly rustic look for their bed – the bold grain and dark knots of solid pine are ideal for their needs. We’ve even had customers asking us to use the “knottiest” timber we can find!

As standard, we manufacture our hand made pine beds in five variations – sanded, clear lacquered, white-wash, antique and wenge stained. This allows a pine base to fit in with almost any design and colour scheme:
The wenge stain over solid pine is ideal for a minimalist Japanese inspired bedroom, our wenge stain is a dark epsresso brown colour – translucent enough to allow the grain and knots of natural pine to subtly show through. This finish has a soft, low sheen.
The antique pine stain allows you to co-ordinate your new bed with older pine furniture you can’t bear to part with. This colour is a deep, golden colour and shows off the grain.
The white-wash stain over pine is perfect for airy, bright loft rooms. The pine appears a cooler, lighter tone than natural but the grain and knots of solid timber are still clear to see.
The clear pine option – this is where a natural, clear lacquer finish is applied to the timber to protect the wood from knocks and scratches and preserve its natural colour. It’s the perfect choice for more neutral spaces.
Sanded pine – this is a untreated, sanded solid pine. Select this option if you want to paint, oil or wax the wood yourself. You can leave the pine unfinished, but unless the bed is only going to be used occasionally I would always recommend a lacquer or stain. Leaving the base sanded does make it more susceptible to scratches, stains or oil marks.

Pine is a great choice of timber if you are looking to fully furnish a room on a tight budget. Shifting your sights from a hardwood, such as oak or ash, to solid pine can mean that you can add a bedside table or a couple of under-bed drawers to your order for the same price as the same bed base in a hardwood.

Our range of Japanese style low beds the Kyoto, Kumo and Kobe are by far the most popular pine beds, especially in the wenge stain. The Tibet, Sahara, Malabar and Nevada beds are also popular in natural and white-wash pine. The Fiji and Tokyo sofa-beds (which come complete with a 7 layer futon) are available only in solid pine – such a wide variety of popular designs proving pine to be a very adaptable wood choice.

The standard stains listed above are the only ones available to choose from on our website, but we can offer an opaque black lacquer finish for our pine beds too. Please just call us to order this finish or request a sample.
We can also try to colour match (or at least find a lacquer or stain that compliments) your existing piece of pine furniture. In the past customers have brought in drawer fronts, small cupboard doors and all manner of other wooden panels to match up with their Natural Bed Company pine bed – and most of the time we have been successful in producing a similar finish.

If you would like to take a closer look at our most popular pine finish, we currently have a wenge stained Kobe bed with headboard on display in our Sheffield showroom. Alternatively we can send out small samples of all our standard finishes free of charge.

Take a look at our Timbers page to find out more.

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    We are looking for a wooden framed bed which is slightly shorter than the standard size to fit a space in a bedroom. Would you be able to help.

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      As we hand make our beds to order we can produce any size. Please feel free to email us or call us on 0114 2721984 to discuss any specific requirements.

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