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Solid Wood Beds Made in the UK

Why it’s important to us that our beds are made in the UK.

We have been making solid timber beds, bedside tables, futon mattresses and sofa beds at our Sheffield workshops for decades now. Our company started in 1974 and we have invested in keeping local skills alive ever since. We believe in continuing to manufacture here in the UK for many reasons…

– We love the creativity of launching new designs and adjusting our solid wood beds and bedside tables to suit the needs of our customers. By crafting each bed by hand at our local work-shops we ensure that we have that flexibility. We don’t batch produce, each bed is made by one of our craftsmen – generally from start to finish – to the details specified by the customer.

Wood worker
Solid wood beds made in the UK

– We are proud of our craftsmen, many of whom have been working with us for years. They are talented individuals who bring skill, care and consideration to the job. You can find out more about our craftsmen by reading our blogs and taking a look at Our Workshop page. Here you’ll find that our wood-workers and futon makers are often our customers too! They also contribute to the design process. To see more images from the workshop please take a look at our pinterest board.

– We feel that making our beds in the UK also fits with our ecological and ethical stance. The majority of our customer are based in the UK and our central location enables us to deliver our product with the minimum of delivery miles! We also stock a range of goods from other British manufacturers, including wool filled duvets and pillows made in Devon, UK made Craft mattresses and wool throws and blankets woven in Guiseley.

To find out more about the ecological and ethical considerations that motivate us please take a look at our ‘Looking for an environmentally friendly bed?’ blog.

lacquering our solid wood beds
Solid wood beds made in the UK

We are registered with a number of organisations that are proud to promote UK manufacture and design…

Take a look at our listing on Still Made In Britain. “You may think from listening to media reports or reading a newspaper that we in Britain do not manufacturing anything anymore. This could not be further from the truth. Britain is still producing high quality goods and classic products. And what is more they are exported and in demand all over the world…” (Still Made In Britain)

You can also find us on Make It British. They believe that a products’s provenance is of the utmost importance – “By buying authentic British goods, manufactured by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials, you are helping to keep these skills alive in the UK. If you don’t support those makers in Britain that still have these precious skills, you will loose them forever.”

If buying British and supporting UK craftsmen is important to you, please do check out these sites.

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