Renovating a loft space to add an extra bedroom is a great idea. It can certainly add value to your home, whilst also make the most out of the space you have available. However, some loft spaces can be tricky to work with! That’s why we thought we’d run through our low beds along with our tips on how to style a loft bedroom.

Your Loft Bedroom

First of all, here’s a few things you might want to consider when starting to think about your loft renovation. These are issues that all loft rooms can pose, and we want you to be as prepared as possible!

  1. Access. Loft hatches or narrow staircases can make getting into your loft a tricky task. We recommend ensuring that all your furniture is self-assembly. Unless you are lucky enough to have a wide open staircase to your loft!
  2. Room height. If you have a low ceiling, consider a low bed. It will increase the sense of space in the room and the actual space above your bed! Choosing low bedroom furniture is also a good idea – keep everything in proportion and you will achieve a coherent, sophisticated loft.
  3. Room size. If space is tight, it makes sense to pick a bed design with a compact footprint. A number of our beds can be made without a headboard and have the same footprint as the mattress. For example, take a look at our Kyoto and Kumo beds.

Our Low Bed Collection

At Natural Bed Company, we offer a wide range of designs perfect for loft spaces. These are perfect for rooms in which the slope of the roof, or the positioning of a window can limit the height of your bed.

Japanese Style Low Beds

If you’re a fan of minimal styling, you’ll love our Kyoto, Kumo and Kobe low beds (see the range at the top of the page). These are available with or without a headboard, offering a Japanese-inspired solution for compact spaces. The Kyoto bed also allows for under-bed drawers to be used underneath it. Thus, you can create a handy storage solution alongside transforming your loft into a beautiful, simple living space.

After more of a statement piece? Our Oregon, Kulu and Koo beds are worth a look. The Koo is part of our ‘Choose Your Colour’ range, allowing you to pick absolutely any colour for the headboard! The frame is available in either solid oak or walnut. Just let us know the Pantone or Farrow & Ball reference number for the colour and we’ll order it in.

Classic Style

If you are interested in a more classic, traditional design the Nevada, Java and Sonora beds fit the bill perfectly.

If you require a mattress to go with your new loft bed, you’ll be happy to know that all options, excluding the sprung mattresses and futons, are delivered rolled and vacuum packed. This allows for easy manoeuvrability around the most winding of staircases! Most of the mattresses in our range are between 16-20cm in depth. Meaning, that even with a narrow headboard panel (see the Nevada) the headboard will not be lost behind pillows or look out of proportion.

Don’t forget to view our range of bedside tables designed to complement the beds in our range. The Cube, Kyoto and Nevada tables are the perfect size for any loft or attic. Look out for our new blog on our new Cube table range which will be live on the website soon!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your loft space, you might like to take a look at our Contemporary Loft Style board on Pinterest.

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