We regularly receive enquiries from customers who, although they have not purchased their bed from the Natural Bed Company, are interested in our bedroom furniture, mattresses and storage solutions. At Natural Bed Company we want to help you choose the right furniture to suit your bed – hence this blog!

Here I will answer the most common queries, starting with…

“I ordered my bed from another company, will your beside tables be the right size?”

Just like our beds, our range of bedside tables is made to order here in Sheffield. Our most popular design, the Cube tables are available in three sizes- Low (W 50 x D 35 x H 33cm), Original (W 50 x D 35 x H 50cm) and Tall (W 50 x D 35 x H 60cm). We feel that the differing heights allow the tables to be used with a wide variety of beds, but if the standard sizes are not suitable, it is possible to alter the dimensions to accommodate. Simply get in touch via email, or over the phone on 01142721984, and we will look into the viability of your desired changes and quote a price. Changes are also available for the other tables we offer such as the Kyoto drawer and shelf tables, the Tibet, Sahara, and Cochin.

We have a wide range of bedroom furniture in oak and walnut from the Black Lotus collection, from small bedside units to large 6-drawer chests.

“I need under-bed storage, will your under-bed drawers fit my bed?”

Our under-bed drawers are available in three designs, ideally suited to a wide range of Natural bed Company beds, but also the perfect solution to storage problems when paired with a bed bought elsewhere. (If you do wish to de-clutter, take a look at our blog on maximizing space in a bedroom).

The three standard options differ in height and depth and the dimensions are as follows:
Kyoto drawers: Width 61 x Depth 60 x Height 16.5cm,
Tibet drawers: Width 90 x Depth 60 x Height 21.5cm,
Sahara drawers: Width 90 x Depth 60 x Height 16.5cm.

If your existing bed has been made to a non standard size and you require a different width or height please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

under-bed drawers can be made to match the wood of your bed frame

“Is it possible to match the stain on my existing bed on Natural Bed Company tables and under-bed drawers?”

 This is where things can get a bit tricky. We offer a wide range of stains on pine, such as wenge, whitewash, and dark oak which should complement a wide range of tones. If you were hoping for an exact match however, we would require an example of the stain that could be used at our workshop to create an equivalent. In the past customers have brought drawers and shelves to the shop for us to match, but if you are too far away to visit, an accurate photograph or the name of the stain or colour would be very helpful. In any case, we would send a sample of or matched stain to you before the goods were put into production, to ensure you were happy with the finished product.

It is however, rather difficult to exactly match your hardwood – as the timber ages it changes in colour and tone over time. We don’t recommend that you try to get a match by using a stain, instead we tend to suggest buying an unstained table or drawer and waiting for time to do the work in evening out the colour variations. If at all possible buy your wooden furniture at the same time to prevent this issue.

“My bed is a non-standard size, can you make a mattress to fit?”

Put simply, yes we can – (within reason!) If your current bed base is a European size such as 160x200cm, mattresses in our range such as the Comfort Dual and Orthosoft, Waterlattex and Relaxsan are available – please call for a quote if prices are not shown on our website.

If however, you require a more bespoke size, our futon mattresses are made to order and can be manufactured to your exact measurements, whether they are to be used for a standard bed base, sofa bed or seat. We do have upper limits on length (anything over 210cm can be problematic) however we can supply two smaller mattresses that can be linked together with one of our cotton drill loose covers.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here please do not hesitate to get in touch, we will be happy to help.

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