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Beech Wood – The Latest Bed Trend

We’ve noticed recently that beech is having something of a renaissance amongst our customers with a big increase in the popularity of the timber.

It doesn’t come as a surprise – its light, pinkish colour and speckled, unimposing grain make it an easy fit in most bedrooms. Sourced from managed forests in Northern Europe, the beech used in our beds (as with all our timbers) is sustainably logged.

beech timber

Like all natural timbers the colours will change over time, beech tends to deepen and develop a warmer rich tone – but unlike other hardwoods, the change is unlikely to be dramatic.

beech bed - Kyoto

What has come as something as a surprise is its new-found popularity in our Japanese range – especially the Kyoto bed. Often the Kyoto is ordered in wenge-stained pine to create a traditional Japanese look. This choice looks great in a minimalist style of space with classic, simple bedding in black, white or red. The choice of a pale, subtle timber, such as beech however,  allows this this elegantly simple bed base to sit happily alongside soft warm neutrals or vibrant colour choices in bedding and decor.

If you wish to make a statement with your Natural Bed Company bed, making it unquestionably the focal point of the room, then you may prefer to choose a more dramatic timber such as Ash or Walnut. The grain in beech is tight and generally uniform – perfect if you are looking for a warm, subtle timber choice that will work well with other timbers and won’t clash with patterned wallpaper and bedding.

beech bed - Sahara

If you wish to create a light, summery atmosphere, where the timber bed base complements a simple, muted colour palate rather than contrasts, beech is the perfect choice. Our Nevada, Kyoto and Sahara beds with their low headboards and compact footprint (the mattress sits on-top of the bed frame rather than within it) offer the perfect starting point to create this look.

We offer a wide range of duvet covers, throws and quilts to match with the subtle tones of a beech bed. These include our Village Natural duvet covers, Bronte throws – especially the brown and ivory windowpane design and the range of quilted and patchwork bedspreads and quilts.

If you wish to have a sample of the timber sent to you please do not hesitate to get in touch. Simply send us details of the delivery address via the contact us section of our website and we will post the timber sample to you, first class.

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