Cherry is undoubtedly one of the most dramatic and desirable timbers in our range. With its swirling grain and strong red tones, it’s the ideal choice to make a bold statement and is a wood that has seen an increase in popularity over the last couple of months here at Natural Bed Company.

Cherry bedroom furniture is a popular timber choice among customers who wish to make their bed the focal point of the room. Cherry is ideally used for bed frames such as the Sonora, Malabar, and Oregon, where the prominent headboards show the variation in colour and grain in the wood clearly and on a large scale. If you are close enough to visit us, we currently have a cherry Sonora bed on display in our Sheffield showroom.

Our range of bedside tables, made to order just like the bed bases are all available in cherry, from the ever popular Cube tables to bed specific designs such as the Kyoto drawer and shelf tables, Oregon, Nevada and Tibet. Where possible, it is advisable to order any tables or under-bed drawers at the same timber as your cherry bed, as the the colours of the wood do deepen over time and if too large a gap were left between the purchase of the bed and other furniture, the difference between the two would be noticeable.

When we changed our lacquering process earlier in the year to preserve the natural look and colour of the wood, this had an effect on all the timbers in our range but most prominently with cherry. Our older, clear lacquer deepened the tones of the wood over time, creating a deep red finish . Our new natural lacquer does not have this effect, preserving the subtler tones of the natural timber colour. We have both lacquer options still available, but please contact us by phone to order the previous clear lacquer (or be sure to mention it in the notes section of your online order.)

To ensure the grain and tone of the timber make the most impact, I would recommend pairing any cherry bed you choose with simple, neutral bedding. We have a wide range of suitable choices in stock, from our luxurious linen bedding, available in white, dove-grey, charcoal and duck-egg colour variations, to the 600 and 1000 thread count duvet covers, fitted sheets and pillowcases all can be viewed online and in-store.

If you would prefer to add a hint of colour to the bedding take a look at the Jay Street Block Print Co. designs, especially the Ashland option, with the mix of the simple ivory background and diamond pattern in a muted salmon tone working well with the red of the cherry timber.

If you are planning on purchasing a bed or bedside table to match current cherry furniture I would always advise requesting a timber sample. This will allow you to see how the tones and colour compare to your existing furniture and help with the decision making process. To request a free timber sample either call on 0114 272 1984 or email at [email protected]. We aim to send out all timber samples first class on the day they are ordered.

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