We often have customers asking for advice on how to select the best solid wood bedside table to suit their bed, so we thought we’d take a look at our collection and advise on the issues to consider when making a purchase.

The questions to ask yourself are:
– what style do I prefer? Should it ‘match’ the bed or just complement the general style?
– do I need storage space incorporated i.e a small bedside chest of drawers or cupboard, or is a table all I need?
– what height do I want – a low table to match a low bed, or a taller table to suit a higher bed base? Do I want it to be around the same height as the mattress or lower – around the same height as the side rails of the bed? Measure your bed base carefully to help you decide.
– what timber am I looking for? Some of our tables are available in a wide range of timbers, other are just available in oak.

Keep your answers to these questions in mind as we take a look at the various bedside tables available from Natural Bed Company:

Low Solid Wood Bedside Tables

We offer a range of bedside tables designed to suit our low ‘loft style’ bed-bases. The classic Nevada table is just 20cm high and designed to suit our Nevada and Sonora bed frames. The Oregon table (just 17cm in height) is a more contemporary take on a low bedside table, it is shown below with the Oregon bed but works equally well with any of our modern low beds – such as the Ki and the Kobe beds. The Oregon is a great choice if you want to create impact with a low, but very wide, Oriental look bed and tables.

We offer a range of contemporary, ‘Cube’ style low bedside tables. If you are looking for a low table with a drawer, that is available in any of our timber options, take a look at our British made modern bedside Cube tables. These tables are available in three heights – the lowest is just 33cm high and available to order in the following timbers: maple, ash, beech, oak, cherry and walnut. If you are looking for oak bedside tables then you also have the option of considering the Black Lotus Cube bedside tables – we have an open Cube table and a slightly narrower version with a single drawer. The Black Lotus open Cube is 75cm wide x 30cm in height, the Black Lotus Cube with a drawer is 67.5cm wide x 35cm in height.

If you don’t want to devote that much space for your bedside tables, you may want to take a look at our Kulu bed which can be ordered with small platform tables attached. Perfect if all you need is somewhere to put your alarm clock and a cup of tea!

Taller Bedside Tables

The Sahara table (height 32cm) is a taller version of the Nevada table, while the Tibet table (height 40cm) is a taller version of the Sahara – as you have probably guessed – the Tibet table was designed to suit the Tibet bed and the Sahara bedside table to work with the Sahara and Malabar beds. If you are looking for even taller bedside tables in this style – take a look at the Seville or Bilbao. A refined alternative to this collection of classic, almost ‘Shaker style’ tables – is the Cochin table (designed for the Cochin bed base) – it is 46cm tall with elegant tapered legs.

We also have the two taller sizes of the UK made Cube tables – the ‘original’ Cube table is 50cm wide x 50cm tall, the tall version is also 50cm wide, but 60cm tall. The Original Cube is ideal to pair with our mid-height beds such as the Arran Bed – the height to the top of the side rails of the Arran bed is 30cm from the floor, add a 20cm thick mattress and this will match the height of the Original Cube exactly. The Tall Cube table will therefore suit slightly taller beds, such as the Tibet or Zanskar designs.
The Frame table has a simple design – imagine a U shape on it’s side. The table dimensions are H 48 x W 48 x D 40cm – this table will work with a mid-height bed if you just want it to sit next to the bed, if you want to have the option of placing the table top over the mattress then place it with one of our ultra-low beds like the Ki.

Bedside Tables that Provide Extra Storage Space

As we’ve mentioned before the UK made Cube tables offer useful bedside storage – they have a single upper drawer and a floor level shelf – ideal for an extra blanket, a stack of books or just to keep your slippers. The Black Lotus Collection of oak bedroom furniture includes a range of bedside storage units including the low Cube unit with a single drawer, the narrow two-drawer Cube, the Shaker Style 2-drawer bedside chest and the large three drawer chest. Your choice may well depend upon how much extra storage you need.
The Kyoto table is available in two versions – with a single drawer or with just shelf. The Kyoto table is available in clear lacquered pine, stained pine or a range of hardwoods. The Kyoto table has been designed to suit our Kyoto and Kumo Japanese style beds (it is shown below with the Kumo bed in wenge stained pine.)

The Ethnicraft collection of oak bedroom furniture also includes some useful modern, bedside storage units – take a look at the low Madra bedside unit with a deep, single drawer and the wide Naomi Kubus table designed with a space to hold your magazines (see below). The Azur bedside drawer table is another contemporary, if slightly rustic bedside drawer table from Ethnicraft – again pictured below.

Contemporary Bedside Tables

Along with the many modern designs mentioned above, we also offer the Thin table from Ethnicraft and the Damien side table from Wireworks. The Thin has a slim, solid oak top with a square section stainless steel frame – perfect if you want a light and airy scheme. The Thin table dimensions are H 35 x W 50 x D 50cm – it suits most of our low and mid-height beds.

The Damien table has a slender, square section, solid oak frame with a removable ‘tray’ top. The top is either circular or square, and is available in natural oak, black or white with an oak edge. The handy tray is a clever aspect to the design – useful for carrying your morning coffee cups back to the kitchen. The cut-out section to the tray rim can act to keep your cables tidy if you charge your phone or ipod next to your bed. The height of the Damien side table is 45cm – perfect with our mid height or taller beds including the Oasis or Orchid Four Poster beds.

For more ideas to help you create your ideal bedroom please take a look at our Inspiration Pages.

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