Now that we’re well into the New Year, we’re thinking about making changes – to our diets, our wardrobes, and of course, our homes. With this snowy and rainy weather reminding us that this cold season is here for a while, and that we’ll likely be spending a lot of time indoors (Brr!), here a few of our favourite winter interior design trends to lift your winter blues!


Wool layers, chunky knitwear and sparkly accessories – something we’ve seen a lot over the winter months in both fashion and interior design. Whether it’s a luxurious Faux Fur throw, Brushed Cotton Bedding or a Velvet Bedspread – lots of texture builds up a calm, cosy and warm atmosphere. This gives you the opportunity to play with various colours and styles to get the look that feels the most “you”

Check out the Velvet and Linen Reversible Quilts, Brushed Cotton Bedding and Luxury Faux Fur Throws.


The evenings are darker and we’re spending more time indoors, good lighting is important for more than just seeing (although, that’s pretty crucial to be fair). A good variety of lighting is the easiest way to create that cosy Hygge style. A cosy and dark room with a few warm dim lights creates the perfect relaxing atmosphere in any room of the house!

Our favourites are scented candles, a combination of large and small lamps and filament bulbs – check out the Bedside Shelf Lamp, Warm Book lights and our variety of scented candles!


Layers are a staple in the winter months – not only do lots of layers keep you snug and warm, if gives you the opportunity to mix up textures and colours.
For your bed we’d recommend your usual duvet, a large bedspread for extra weight and warmth and then a snuggly blanket or throw.

For your couch, a couple of small throws so no one needs to fight over one and as many squashy cushions as you like! We love the Linen Ruffle cushions and the Stockholm cushions, Boucle cotton cushions and the Patina cotton cushions.

Deep colours

A staple of the winter months are deeper colours, if you can’t commit to a statement wall why not try changing up your bedding for something darker and cosier or add dark pops of colour around your space with new accessories. We love the Slate Linen bedding, Black Knitted Throw and the new Lockers in Green, Navy and Slate (available in 6 colours and 2 different sizes!)

Warm timbers

At this time of year the cold, white winter light pours into our homes, but if you have some rich timbers in your space, they inject a sense of warmth in an otherwise cold space.  Check out our bed bases made in Cherry and Walnut or the Black Lotus Walnut range of furniture

I hope this post has given you some inspiration on how you can re-fresh your space throughout the winter months and make staying in a relaxing retreat!

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