Choosing the right mattress for you is never easy, and with so much choice out there now, it can be quite overwhelming. But don’t fret! We at Natural Bed Company are happy to help you find your perfect match, because we all know that the right mattress means a good nights sleep!
In this post I’ll go through our Soft/Medium range of mattresses and give you an overview of the benefits of each one and how they compare to each other.

Now, the common misconception is that soft/medium mattress = less support, this may be true for some but definitely not all. Those with lighter body weights and side sleepers often don’t need to be sleeping on a firm mattress – you’ll find that if you’re not heavy enough to press into the mattress, your back will actually curve where your body is naturally wider (such as your hips and shoulders), this often leads to a less comfortable nights sleep and sometimes back pain the following day! No thank you!

Moon Medium

First up is the Moon Medium – a simple foam mattress where the materials aren’t densely packed, this gives a less firm feeling than most foam mattresses. We originally stocked this mattress with smaller children in mind but it’s ideal for those with lighter body weights. Manufactured in Italy, the mattress has a 14cm ‘Orthosoft’ core covered with hypoallergenic and breathable outer padding. The fire retardant fabric cover is a Relaxsan fabric in a mix of natural cotton and polyester for longer life. This mattress is also supplied vacuum packed, which means its super easy to get upstairs into kids bedrooms or loft spaces!

cherry pimlico

Weldbank Cotton filled mattresses

The Weldbank chemical free sprung mattress is very comfortable and supportive, with the added benefit of being chemical free and so ecologically friendly.
They also feature a sumptuous Egyptian cotton cover and filled with layers of poly-cotton and temperature regulating English fine cotton.

Organic cotton bedding in finest sateen

Weldbank 2000

To me, the Weldbank 2000 feels medium/soft, cushioned and supportive for my whole body without me feeling like I’m sinking in too far.

weldbank-chemical free mattress 1000 springs-embroidery

Weldbank 1000

Although the Weldbank 1000 mattress is classed as a standard firmness (Medium in other words) by the manufacturer, I would say it feels slightly softer than the Weldbank 2000, especially when just sitting on the edge. Once laid down, you do feel the support though, especially if you’re a side sleeper!

Westgate Wool filled mattresses

Just like the Weldbank mattress range, these mattresses do not contain traditional chemical FR treatments – instead the ticking is treated with M-PURE – an eco friendly, non-toxic, biological treatment from Maes.
The Westgate mattresses are also layered with temperature regulating cotton, locally sourced Hampshire Wool and moisture controlling silk.

westgate-wool-2000-springs - soft/medium mattress

Westgate 2000 Soft + Medium

Much like the Weldbank 2000, the Westgate 2000 mattresses feel well cushioned and soft yet still supportive. With the added benefit of natural Hampshire wool, the Westgate range are a luxurious medium/soft mattress choice! Available in Soft, Medium and Firm, there is a style to suit everyone.

reversible duvet set

Westgate 4000

These pocket sprung Westgate 4000 mattresses incorporate 1000 (based on a king-size) full size pocket springs and 3000 smaller, body contouring pocket springs for extra comfort, this makes a very luxurious feeling soft/medium mattress!
Another great benefit is that It is also possible to order the king-size and super-king mattresses with dual tension – so one half can be a standard comfort and the other half have a firm feel without feeling a seam in the middle. Perfect for couples with differing preferences, so you can both have a great nights sleep!

As always, we recommend trying any mattress in person before purchasing – mattress firmness can vary from person to person depending on height, weight, past experience and personal preferences, so I can do my best to describe how they feel to me but they may feel different to yourself!
Every one of the soft/medium mattresses above can be found in our Sheffield showroom along with our full foam and sprung mattress range, so pop in and have a lay down!