Eco Core Biodegradable Mattress – Cotton

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This high quality mattress has been created using a unique Natural Eco Core, meaning it is both comfortable and supportive whilst also being good for the planet!
A natural and biodegradable core of latex and coconut fibres encased in a cool rich cotton layer.
Also available – the Eco Core mattress in wool.

A Medium/Firm mattress available in a range of sizes!

Depth: Approximately 22-23cm

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks

Prices include delivery within the mainland UK.


Product Description

This traditional look tufted mattress has a unique Natural Eco Core at its centre, and is both natural and biodegradable. Without pocket springs you will float on 100% natural latex layered over a firm central core of coconut fibre. Extra layers of natural cotton give a luxurious soft finish and added comfort. The Eco Core ensures very little settlement over the years, giving a long-lasting and ecological answer to sleep.

This unique mattress features two comfort levels: Medium/Firm on one side, and Extra Firm on the other. By flipping the mattress you can choose to alter the level of support should your needs change. An extra layer to the medium-firm side has a feeling of more give and comfort; the almost ‘bouncy’ internal core gives wonderful back support. This clever combination of materials results in a sprung feel without the need for springs or polyester pockets.
Convenient handles make flipping and turning this mattress quick and simple (2 people minimum required – this is a substantial mattress!)

Key features:
• Unique latex and coconut fibre unit
• No springs
• Additional fillings of cotton
• One side firm, the other medium/firm
• Soft natural cotton fabrics
• With handles and vents

Eco Friendly. Almost 100% biodegradable – only some of the stitching contains non-biodegradable material, which is used to prolong the life of the mattress.

Materials used: 100% Natural Latex, Coconut Fibre, and Cotton, with a 100% Natural Egyptian Cotton cover.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. This mattress is available to try in our Sheffield Showroom.
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1 review for Eco Core Biodegradable Mattress – Cotton

  1. pianna

    We went to try the new Natural Eco Core mattress by Natural Bed Company after we had read about it in their newsletter.
    The shop is gorgeous and the service was absolutely perfect, knowledgable and helpful.
    The mattress is amazing and even better now we have it on our bedroom! Feels firm in a comfortable way. Extra firm on one side and medium firm on the other side! You choose what side you want to be up.
    It is nice to know it’s all sustainably made and biodegradable.
    Thank you so much, Natural Bed Company!

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